Where is your office located?

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Your office is located based in Brussels, Belgium.
Your office is located right across from the municipal cemetery.
Your office is located located at: Bureau of Labor Insurance 12F, 4 Roosevelt Road, Sec.
Castellana wants to become your personal moving company, regardless of where you live or where you are Your office is located.
Castellana wants to be the removals company you choose, regardless of where your home or office is relocated.
Maybe it is Your office is located on the 30th floor and it would be noon before you arrive at your desk.
That's more practical because their office is located in a small building that is connected to the main house by a corridor.
This is more practical, because her office is located in a small building connected by a corridor to the main premises.
Hadid, born in Baghdad and educated in London (where also their office is located), has been questioning the foundations of architecture for over 30 years.
Born in Baghdad and educated in London, where her practice is based, Hadid has designed radical architecture for over 30 years and is now the subject of this massive TASCHEN monograph.
The home team is always available, and their office is located themselves in the same house.
If you can't find a Solution Principal in your area, contact Brad Pickett (his office is in Florida) or, alternatively, Pat Smith (their office is located in Pittsburgh).
If you cannot locate a Solution Principal in / near your area, contact Brad Pickett (his office is in Florida) or as a back-up, contact Pat Smith (her office is in Pittsburgh).
Your favorite theater, pub or pub, Your office is located just a few minutes away from your home.
Lots of theaters, museums, exclusive bars, restaurants and places of amusement are within arm's reach from our residence.
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