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Artillery (German) [edit]

Noun, f[To edit]

[1, 2] artilleryin action
[1, 2] soldiers of the artillerywith a gun

Word separation:

Ar · til·le · rie, plural: Ar · til·le · ri · en


IPA: [ˈaʁtɪləʁiː], also: [aʁtɪləˈʁiː]
Audio samples: artillery (Info)
Rhymes: -iː


[1] Military: the arm of the guns
[2] Military: heavy artillery, artillery


in the 15th century from French artillery→ fr "Gun" borrowed[1]


[1] Guns, artillery

Opposite words:

[1] Infantry (foot troops), cavalry (mounted troops)

Generic terms:

[1] Type of weapon
[2] weapon


[1] Field artillery, fortress artillery, anti-aircraft artillery, foot artillery, mountain artillery, army artillery, coastal artillery, naval artillery
[2] Gun, cannon, howitzer, mortar


[1] "The English artillery is amplified, we hear that immediately. "[2]
[1] "If you were lucky, the Japanese would artillery don't shoot, and maybe not too many snipers were left behind. "[3]
[1] “The next morning I will contact the Artillery, the doctor examines me, shakes my head, I am afraid that I will not be accepted, I say that appearances are deceptive, I am strong and healthy, I want to go to war. "[4]
[1] “At the artillery they should be able to calculate well. "[5]
[1] "The army consists of four branches of arms: the infantry (infantry), the cavalry (cavalry), the artillery (artillery) and the war building industry (genius, engineers), which the latter directs the defense and attack of the permanent places. "(1834)[6]
[2] We have to artillery drive up.

Word formations:

Artillery man, artillery artillery fire, artillery fire, artillery shell, artillery shell, artillery officer, artillery horse, artillery volley, artillery sergeant

Characteristic word combinations:

[1] mounted, light, motorized, mounted, heavy artillery

Translations [edit]

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