Avengers Infinity War is underestimated

"Avengers - Infinity War": How Much Thanos? How many characters?

Now I don't think that Duck let out a swipe at the DCU.

With such heroes, as we find them in the MCU and DCU (Superman, Batman, Flash, ... etc.), it is of course damn difficult to find an opponent who then credibly positions himself as a strong adversary with the prospect of success can be.

That's a big problem for the MCU, because the focus here is on very strong, powerful heroes and the villains have remained relatively pale so far (with exceptions, Loki for example). Thanos is almost the only villain that has been slowly built up in the background over several years. Now you just have to let go of him and I suspect you have 67 characters with you so that a few can bite the grass. But after that the MCU has the big problem of how to get an even stronger believable villain.

The DCU is only at the beginning, but you have to ask yourself who will ultimately stand up to Superman, Batman, Flash, etc. as serious opponents. I see it as the easiest for Batman, since he is "only" human. But Superman? You can't always pull the kryptonite number, as happens quite often in the comics. So at some point you will HAVE to let go of such a powerful opponent as Darskeid in order to cast a spell over the audience. And I think it's a very legitimate question how long the DCU will be able to bring up exciting opponents without bringing top candidates like Darkseid into play.

@ Solgort: That's not a swipe, is it? I am already wondering how Marvel will approach Phase IV with exciting opponents. and the same question can be asked for the DCU.

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