What is the smallest fighter jet

What is the smallest manned jet aircraft?

The BD-5J is the smallest according to Guinness World Records, but larger than the Cri-Cri in its jet implementation (the BD-5A is smaller than the Cri-Cri, but propeller-driven).

If you really want to count experimental stuff, the Martin Marietta X-24A lift body has a wingspan of just 11 feet 6 inches. makes it the smallest. Though I'll admit it is based on a loose definition of "wing" and is propelled by rockets (not jets).

If you expand your definition of "airplane," Yves Rossy's jet wing backpack is the smallest, with a wingspan of 7.9 feet. It's still piloted and jet-powered, although I don't think it can take off on its own.

Fred Larson

Also note the caption: "BD-5J N3038V, Guinness record holder for the smallest manned aircraft with Turbo-jet propulsion of the world. "


OP said no rocket propelled vehicle. X-24A has a rocket engine. I'm also not sure if it can take off on its own - guess it kept getting dropped.


Neither of them seems to be able to take off on their own


Regarding Yves' jetpack: in the UK it is not considered an airplane but an airplane component. Since parts of Yves' body acted as control surfaces, he had to register as an airplane , although common sense prevailed and it was exempt from the Seat Belt Act.

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I can attest that this is a fun little jet. I saw Bob Bishop himself flown one at an air show in the 90s and get to know him afterwards - talked about a man with passion. Given the number of these things that killed their pilots, you have to be a little bit crazy to get into one. Bishop himself later (luckily) managed to get out of one that caught fire in midair. Canada lost our only BD-5 pilot about a decade ago when his wing fell off during flight training in Ottawa.