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Gladys Aylward - On behalf of the Mandarin

Christian radio plays for adults haven't been around that long. A few years ago, SCM Hänssler started producing radio play books. It was a bit surprising to me. Because until then I had never heard of radio play books. I knew radio plays. Audio books too. But what were radio play books? I wanted to find out soon ...

Subject and content

Gladys Aylward is a poorly educated, not very gifted woman in London. At the age of 18 she was converted to the living God and soon found her love for the Chinese people. When they opened the border in When China learns, she sees her calling as a missionary among the Chinese. But the attempt to be sent via the China Inland Mission fails miserably. The reason for rejection: low education, lack of intelligence. Gladys is not one of those people who gives up easily. Despite all the opposition, she does not allow herself to be discouraged and travels to China on her own. There she supports a 73-year-old Scottish missionary. With a lot of courage and ideas, they jointly create trust among the population. Because Europeans are not popular. This already shows their nickname: white devils. Soon the old missionary dies and Gladys is on her own.

New tasks arise. The Mandarin, what kind of person? Instructs you to travel through the villages and introduce a new law to the people. With immediate effect, girls and women are no longer allowed to have their feet bandaged. Gladys is happy to begin this new assignment because it will give her another opportunity to preach the gospel. On one of her trips through the province, she repeatedly comes across children who are not wanted. Sick children with ragged clothes and no home. Gladys quickly realizes that these orphans need a new home and so they accept more and more people into their hostel.

Wherever she takes on new tasks, people understand something of the love of God that is so strongly expressed in Gladys. She mediates a prison riot, works among lepers and gives Bible lessons to Christians. The turmoil of the war between China and Japan does not prevent them from giving up China. It was only when Mao Tse Tung came to power and the Christians had to live under persecution that she woke up to preach to her compatriots in England. She travels to her old homeland and is saddened by the lukewarmness and indifference of Christians she finds. But she doesn't give up. She remains loyal to her service to the people and especially to the Chinese throughout her life.

Form, style and speaker

The choice of voices seems to me to be well made. Glady's voice in particular is pleasant. Only the mandarin seems a little absent to me. His words just seem too emotionless. The inner part of the booklet offers further information on Gladys Aylward.


The script writer has already written several radio plays.


Even after listening to the radio play book, I couldn't figure out why the new word creation radio play book was chosen. Maybe because the narrator speaks so often, but it also includes radio play scenes? Maybe you should ask the publisher.

I like professionally made radio plays. This radio play is one of them. Unfortunately, there is hardly any dramaturgy. There are very few scenes with a plot. It's a shame. Dialogue is usually followed by dialogue. But it is probably also difficult to faithfully reproduce a picture of life and at the same time to offer tension.

Tip: The biography of Gladys Aylward is also available as a book. And as an audio book in January 2011.


Title: Gladys Aylward - On behalf of the Mandarin
Author: Kerstin Engelhardt
Produced by: Christian Mörken
Length: 73 minutes

Format: Audio CD
Publisher: SCM Hänssler
Year: 2010
Price: EUR 12.95

available from: SCM shop and reading area

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