You can burn calories by walking in place

Lose weight by walking

Here's how to burn calories while walking

Do you don’t like sports but would like to integrate more exercise into your everyday life? Go for a walk! Just half an hour a day can boost your metabolism and keep the pounds dropping off in the long run.

You can no longer get yourself up to sport after work or everyday family life? You are not alone in this! This is the case for many, because everyday life is often demanding of us. But it doesn't always have to be endurance sports or fitness in the gym to do something good for your body and lose weight. If you enjoy walking, we have good news for you on the fitness front.

Losing weight made easy: going for a walk burns calories

Walking for half an hour five times a week is enough to burn more calories. If you gradually integrate walking into your daily life, you will lose weight and do something for your health more easily. Because: Regular walking strengthens the cardiovascular as well as the immune system and can prevent diseases. The body consumes around 280 calories (kcal) per hour in a way that is gentle on the joints.

Tip: It is best to try to walk briskly to burn as many calories as possible. A speed of 5 to 6 km / h is recommended.

Integrate movement into everyday life

It is best to combine the walks with running your dog, a few errands or you and your child go around the block together again while they are cycling next to you on the balance bike. A good way to incorporate a few steps into everyday life is simply to get off the bus one stop earlier and walk the rest of the way. This is the quick and easy way to cheat more exercise into your life - day after day and week after week.

Integrate movement into everyday life - this is how it works

Lose weight after pregnancy

Even during pregnancy, taking regular walks is a good idea to stay healthy and fit. Even after the birth, steps in the fresh air are the best way to slowly regain strength. The metabolism is boosted and exercise, which doesn't look like exercise at all, helps you lose weight. For mothers with young children, this type of exercise is an ideal way to get active after the birth without putting too much strain on the body, while the baby is pushed in front of them in the stroller or carried in a sling. Practically!

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Going for a walk: tips on calorie consumption

You don't need a calorie calculator to work out how many calories you've actually burned out while walking. Because the walk should first and foremost be fun for you and give you other thoughts during your lunch break or after work. A pedometer is hardly necessary to get fitter this way. Nevertheless: A fitness tracker helps some people to keep an eye on their daily performance and it is also fun when you have taken your steps from the day before.

For example, the fitness bracelets from LTLJX or Willful Smartwatch, which are both available in different colors and have numerous functions, are ideal.

If you want to lose weight, you should go quickly!

Get up to speed: a walk like this is particularly effective if you take strong, fast steps and take your arms with you - similar to walking or Nordic walking. If you combine your brisk walk with short jogging phases, you increase the calorie consumption significantly: five minutes walk, two minutes jog and all over again. Fast walking combined with climbing stairs is also effective when you want to increase calorie consumption. On vacation you can live out your walking routine while hiking and there are a few other advantages. Anyone who has ever hiked knows how well stress can be relieved and you can clear your head.

As you can see, you don't always have to work up a sweat to do sport and burn calories! In everyday life in particular, physical fitness can be easily increased with simple means and you can do a lot for your health and wellbeing. In short: exercise in the fresh air is good for you, going for a walk is a healthy and gentle way of getting around and staying fit.

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