Face tattoos are the next trend

Razor sharp and visible to everyone. Face tattoos are on the rise, also in Switzerland. Once a testimony to prison terms and gang membership, they have made the leap into lifestyle. From US rapper Post Malone (24) to curve model Amber Rose (36), they proudly show themselves with it in glossy magazines. It's no longer about provocation like the bad boys once did, but about an individual statement.

“I live my life, my luxury and I can afford it,” says Swiss butcher Beena Diezi (33). So mainly Porsche symbols and the letters LV, which stand for the classy French label Louis Vuitton, are emblazoned on their heads. It started a year and a half ago. "First it was a lettering, then there were the luxury symbols and a rose for my ex-girlfriend," says the meat specialist at the Zurich butcher's shop Bär. They are stared at, filmed and photographed. The latter bothers them most. “Of course I have to expect people to look at me. But I think it's cheek to be accepted without being asked. "

Her parents, a couple of pastors from Zurich, struggled at first

When her supervisor Felix Bär (53) met her for a first conversation, he was surprised. "But after half an hour I only saw the person, not the tattoos on the face." Customers would also respond well to them. «Many enjoy it. Some of them just come in to look at me, ”says Diezi. "As long as people treat each other with respect, everything is fine with me."

Is it allowed to work like that as a teacher or a police officer?

Beena Diezi (33) can work in a butcher's shop with her face tattoos. This is not possible in all professions. Christian Bertschi, head of communications at the Lucerne canton police, says: "We do not allow tattoos on the face and front of the neck or on the fingers." It sounds the same with the Zurich canton police, they are not allowed there either. Media spokesman Ralph Hirt explains: “The police employees must appear as neutral as possible in a wide variety of functions. That is no longer possible with face tattoos. " The topic is new at the Glarus Teachers' Association: «We have not yet been confronted with face tattoos. If so, we would have to check the legal situation, ”said Co-President Samuel Zingg (39). At the F + F School for Art and Design it means: “We also allow employees to work with face tattoos. There is nothing against it. " At Airline Swiss, according to media spokesman Florian Flämig: "Tattoos are allowed on cabin crew members as long as they can be covered by a piece of uniform."

Her parents, a couple of pastors from Zurich, would have had a lot of trouble with their facial drawings at first. "But they love me and also support me in showing myself how and who I am." She is far from finished with the tattoos. "I don't know what will come next, but it will."

Today there are 18 and 81 year olds who want a face tattoo

The “I am who I am and everyone should see it” trend is typical of the selfie generation. The focus is on the face, recognition has to happen quickly. Also with us. "Ten years ago there was one person a year who wanted that, now it is one per month," says Florian van Dusseldorp (31), Zurich branch manager of Giahi, the largest tattoo empire in Europe. «What is noticeable is that the customers who want this are getting younger and older. Many come to us at 18, others at 81. " What was once considered a rebellion against social norms, "today stands for self-fulfillment," as he says, which also coincides with Diezi's ambition.

"Of course it is also the desire to be different, to turn away from the stereotype," says van Dusseldorp. A face tattoo is not harmful to health. “The skin on the face is for tattooing like on the arm or on the back. It also heals at the same rate. " The only thing they don't do is an eyeball tattoo. "Because these are injections, the paint always remains liquid and there is a risk to health." Everything else in the face can be done without hesitation.

Published: 02/19/2020, 11:25 p.m.
Last updated: March 24th, 2021, 6:34 pm