How are green city benches made

Urban renewal "Schlossplatz area"

Assessment by the jury

Main idea: Green city entrance - stone core
The central idea is implemented by framing the castle with green areas with a clear demarcation from the natural area and the city.
However, this is not maintained by interruptions due to large paved areas (parking lot in the rose garden, "trumpet")

The clear visual relationship between the areas in front of the castle and the meadows on Bützower See, thanks to the small amount of large greenery, connects the historical place with the surrounding area. The walking distance to the Bützower See and towards the youth club is also easy to experience.

The pedestrians are guided over the main bridge, the most heavily used part of the street, there is no further guidance for pedestrians through the green space.
The main idea is to preserve the natural area on the Warnow, as there is only selective intervention.

Other highlights are active areas in the rose garden such as water access and play areas. These are far away from the traffic and are therefore well protected. The relaxed park design with well-spaced action areas leads to better exposure and visibility towards the youth club, so the club is integrated into the use and made tangible.

The palace square is well divided, there was a central square for the city festivals and individual rooms in front of the buildings, the design has a high degree of variety with only minor interventions in the current square surface.
The previously unrecognizable line of sight across the square is emphasized by the fountain.

The traffic system is retained to ensure the school function (bus and parents), but the trumpet-like widening of Schlossstrasse on Landesstrasse is functionally incomprehensible.

Parking spaces have been verified, but the large parking lot in the rose garden directly at the city entrance is too large, too massive and too restrictive for the use and design of the start of the rose garden and the experience of the Warnow bank. A clear negative effect on the urban design and monument preservation significance of the city entrance can be seen here.