Do the BTS members go out

BTS band secret revealed: What really holds them together


In 2018 the BTS band almost ended

The K-Pop band really almost broke up! Hard to imagine. Revealed in an interview Jinthat the guys from BTS have thought a lot about parting in early 2018. "We had real mental difficulties at the beginning of the year. We talked a lot and even considered breaking up the band.", told Jin. Luckily it didn't get that far and the guys together managed to overcome time. They recently confirmed again that they want to remain a band.


BTS extend their contract

The contracts of V., Jungkook (who recently did something awesome), Jimin, Suga, Jin, RM and J-Hope would actually have expired in 2020, but the guys from BTS show how strong their cohesion really is and extended the contracts in October. The K-Pop band will stay together until at least 2026! 😍 In December there was again good news for BTS and her Army: The military service has been canceled for the time being!BTS will continue to impress us for the next few years with mega songs and really good dance moves without interruption. The guys are sure to have one or two surprises in store for us in the future.


That is what holds BTS together

When several people with different character traits spend time together always and everywhere, it is understandable that there are occasional minor differences of opinion and discussions. You know that from your own circle of friends. This is also the case with K-Pop Band BTS no different, and yet they have managed to stick together for over seven years. Revealed in an interview J-Hopethat the band often argued with each other when they started working and living together. Especially V. and Jimin should have clashed particularly often. Despite having such different personalities BTS managed to overcome their differences. Their secret is actually something very simple, because they focus on one thing that they definitely have in common: the desire to be successful. Told in an interview Suga: "We focus on the band and respect each and every one of us for who we are."

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