DSLR is good for beginners

Single lens reflex camera for beginners: Popular models that are suitable

The photos from the last big vacation somehow all turned out to be nothing? Blurred, coarse-grained, too dark - hardly usable for image processing? Although digital and smartphone cameras are not bad, every digital zoom has its limits; Difficult lighting conditions are a particular challenge for digicams and smartphones. SLR cameras promise you really good pictures. But before you spend a lot of money on highly complex professional models, which you could possibly overwhelm with a multitude of manual setting options, it can be worthwhile to gain experience with a reasonably priced entry-level DSLR. We will introduce you to good SLR cameras for beginners and explain what ISO, optical zoom and shutter speeds are all about.

Which SLR camera is suitable for beginners? Brief overview of the models

  1. Canon EOS 90D *
  2. Canon EOS 250D *
  3. Canon EOS 800D *
  4. Nikon D5600 *
  5. Panasonic Lumix G DMC-G70 *

Single lens reflex camera for beginners: which one is worthwhile?

First things first: The majority of today's SLR cameras combine properties of optical and digital camera technology. This means that the cameras have a system consisting of a lens, mirror, prism and digital image sensor. This also gives rise to the common abbreviation “DSLR” for “digital single-lense reflex cameras”. Thanks to the image sensor, the modern DSLR can do without film. The recorded images or videos are stored digitally and are immediately available. This technical innovation makes digital SLR cameras popular camera systems, especially for beginners in photography. Because the possibility of experimenting with the many manual settings and being able to check the recorded images immediately on a display opens up a much easier entry for newcomers.

If you have not yet had any experience with DSLR cameras, you will quickly find out with your first beginner model how easily the settings can be manipulated. Try experimenting with the ISO value, for example, before taking a photo. The ISO value defines the light sensitivity of the image sensor. If you set a high value, you will get better pictures in dark surroundings. The picture noise then increases. You could take countermeasures by changing the shutter speed. If the shutter remains open for a long time, more light enters the camera. However, if you set the shutter speed very high, streaks of light appear. Finding the perfect settings for the respective situation takes a little practice, but modern SLR cameras for beginners are easy to use and invite you to experiment. Here we present to you which DSLR cameras are recommended for beginners.

By the way: Stiftung Warentest has named the Canon EOS 90D * 2020 the best SLR camera. With a price of over 1000 euros, it is only partially suitable as an entry-level model.