How would you decorate your bedroom?

Furnishing the bedroom: tips and ideas

Personal well-being, rest and relaxation are very important here: We want to relax in the bedroom and spend time with our family. In order for this to work, an inviting ambience and a clear concept are required. In our living tips, we tell you what you should pay attention to when furnishing and designing your bedroom in terms of color, material mix, etc., and how you can get maximum sleep quality even in small rooms and when there is a lack of space.

Furnishing the bedroom: tips and ideas
Furnishing the bedroom: tips and ideas

The tastes are known to be different. Some like it cozy and colorful, others prefer clear and straightforward. Whether we have good, restful sleep depends not only on our lifestyle, but also on the furnishings. Because colors and materials have a direct effect on our well-being and influence our state of mind. When you walk into your bedroom, how do you feel? Are you looking forward to finally relaxing in this room, or is there more restlessness because there is perhaps a disorder? Then it is high time for a small or large redesign. No matter how big your bedroom is, there are many options for furnishing it to suit your own needs.

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How do you properly furnish a bedroom?

How you furnish your bedroom is primarily a question of your personality: While one person dreams of a colonial-style bed with a white canopy, the next one should have a puristic bedroom with industrial charm. Others, on the other hand, find the country house style or modern Scandinavian design just right. Adapt the selection of furniture and colors to your primary concept and develop a common thread along this initial idea that runs through the design of your bedroom.

Remember that themed rooms, such as a green room in the urban jungle look, floral patterns or decorative wallpapers can tire over the long term and you will long for calm colors again after a short time. It is therefore advisable to use wallpaper trends only sparingly and to introduce thematic accents in the form of pictures, decorative elements or textiles. These are easier to replace than a wallpapered wall.

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The right proportions in the bedroom

Incorrect size ratios can lead to irritation when furnishing your bedroom: old buildings with enormous ceiling heights can be made smaller and brought "down" by using colored walls - or, conversely, a colored ceiling. Small rooms, on the other hand, benefit from tall pieces of furniture that visually move the ceiling upwards. When buying furniture, you should also think about how you want to furnish your future bedroom: A large bed belongs in a large room, otherwise a small bedroom can quickly appear too cramped.

What colors are best for the bedroom?

The colors in the bedroom should primarily correspond to your personal preferences and form a holistic concept: So don't combine too many wall colors with each other, but decide in advance on two to three basic tones that you want to pick up. Additional colors that you bring in should be based on these basic tones, either by adding another shade of the same color or the same color group or by consciously contrasting them. If you want to design your bedroom in mint green, for example, combine it with matching, harmonizing pastel tones. With bright retro colors, on the other hand, the delicate pastel tones have an unfavorable effect.

The basic effect of colors should also be taken into account when deciding on the color design: light colors create clarity and let you breathe a sigh of relief, while dark colors convey intimacy and security. Blue and green tones create calm, while yellow tones make you lively. You can read more about the effect of colors in our article: Feng Shui colors.

Design bedrooms with textiles

Curtain fabrics, bed throws, bedspreads, pillowcases, carpets and of course bed linen are ideal for creating a color identity in the room - and playing with a mix of materials and surfaces.

Those who opt for the country house classic, for example, combine white and light tones, such as a white bedspread with a sand-colored quilt and powder-blue linen pillows. Conversely, those who want to make their bedroom dark and mysterious can set elegant accents with fabrics such as velvet and satin and colors from the Art Deco style - such as emerald green, royal blue or purple. A canopy over the four-poster bed brings the Orient into your own four walls - especially if you use Indian or Oriental fabrics. In contrast, it looks modern when you play with contrasts: anthracite, white and black are the colors of choice for a contemporary bedroom. Those who want to furnish the bedroom in a minimalist way, on the other hand, consciously limit themselves to white or light gray. This creates visual calm and clarity.

The basics for clean sleeping

We have long known from sleep research that electronic devices are not particularly beneficial for a healthy quality of sleep, as they increase the time it takes to fall asleep. That is why it is well advised to ban smartphones, TVs and laptops from the bedroom. But electro detox is not only important for restful sleep: options for adequate darkening and noise protection, for example through soundproofed windows, are among the basics. In addition, a lot can be done to ensure a good night's sleep with calm colors, the choice of a stable bed frame and a high-quality mattress with the right degree of firmness.

Blackout options

When furnishing your bedroom, think about blackout as well. It doesn't always have to be shutters. Semi-dense curtain fabrics darken sufficiently in the evening and allow some light to shine through in the morning, which helps the biorhythm when getting up. If you prefer to use white or light fabrics due to the choice of color in the bedroom, you can also install a roller blind to darken the window and provide appropriate privacy protection. The typical "hotel solution" of a double curtain, which consists of a secure, heavy curtain fabric and a light curtain behind it, has also proven itself. In this way, the room can be completely darkened and lightened again depending on requirements and the situation.

The right bed for your bedroom

The furnishing of your bedroom stands or falls with the bed - it is simply the greatest eye-catcher. It is all the more important not only to choose this piece of furniture from a visual point of view, although one or two interior decorators might find it difficult to take this point into account in view of the large number of really beautiful beds. But keep in mind: Small rooms quickly appear overloaded with a box spring bed, whereas its massive effect is less noticeable in a larger bedroom. Beds with free-standing legs generally appear particularly light and blend in harmoniously with any room.

You can use the head end of the bed as an important style element: whether leather cushions, velvet upholstery in the Chesterfield look or solid wood panels - pay attention to the rest of the design of the room and the textiles and colors that you want to use when you choose your bedroom set up.

The only question left is: what to do with the bed? If you believe the furnishing principles of Feng Shui, the bed should neither stand directly between the window and the door nor point directly at the door. If the bed is with the head or one long side against the wall, this is cheaper than a free-standing bed, according to furnishing consultants, in order to feel safe and secure while sleeping. Whether the daylight falls over the head end or on the side of the bed is a matter of taste.

Furnishing a bedroom with a wardrobe or invisible storage space?

Basically: The better you can hide the storage of your clothes, the clearer and tidier your bedroom will appear. So anyone who can divide a corner or niche into a walk-in closet with the help of a curtain or sliding door has already won. If this is not possible, you need a regular wardrobe. This is less noticeable if you choose a cabinet color that corresponds to the wall color behind it: for example white on white, gray on gray.

Conversely, a special one-of-a-kind wardrobe can also be used as an eye-catcher - provided there is enough space so that the bedroom does not become overwhelming. For open shelf and cabinet concepts, on the other hand, you should only decide who actually gets by with little clothing or who conscientiously keeps order. Otherwise the bedroom will quickly look chaotic. Here you can read what a capsule wardrobe is all about.

Storage space tips in the small bedroom

  • With a bedside table
    Long gone are the days when the style of the bedside table matched that of the bed frame. Today everything that pleases is allowed: a self-made swing as a bedside table, baskets, boxes, metal tables, cube-shaped cubes or solid wood cabinets. When making your choice, remember that the more storage space your bedside table version offers you, the less you will have to worry about bits and pieces lying around later.
  • With a bed drawer
    A useful idea not only in the nursery to keep things tidy and to make things disappear that you don't need every day. Even a must for furnishing small bedrooms.
  • With shelves under the sloping roof
    Most of the bedrooms are set up under a sloping roof. Depending on the height of the knee, shelves under the roof can help to keep things tidy and at the same time to fill the hard-to-reach space in a meaningful way.
  • With a footstool
    An upholstered footstool at the end of the bed is a practical storage space that can be used to bring additional materials and colors into the bedroom.

Additional furnishing ideas for bedrooms with lots of space

Bed, bedside table and cupboard are available - and you still have empty corners of the room that you want to optically fill? Setting up a reading corner might be an idea, for example with a wing chair, side table and floor lamp as your own personal retreat. A designer chair in front of the window also enhances the look of your bedroom immensely.

Bring light into the bedroom

The ceiling lamp alone is usually a rather uncomfortable source of light in the bedroom. In contrast, indirect lighting behind the head of the bed, under or above wall shelves or the built-in cupboard is advantageous. Arc lamps and dimmable floor lamps can also create atmospheric background light - ideally always in combination with a bright reading lamp directly above or next to the bed. Find out about the best lighting ideas for the bedroom here.

Design your bedroom individually: with accessories

With accessories and decorative elements, the chosen concept and the tonality of the bedroom can be wonderfully emphasized: it should be two to three elements of a kind in order to achieve a harmonious effect. For example, arrange a compilation of pictures together on the wall, set up matching side tables or vases or pimp the look with hanging lampshades or light bulbs in industrial style. The motif, pattern, color or material of the decorative elements should each match. Last but not least, personal mementos, which are highlighted on a colored background or with lighting, give the bedroom an individual, characterful note.

Set up a home office in the bedroom

Whether you live in a loft, live in a studio apartment or simply set up your home office due to lack of space in the bedroom, you should in any case ensure that the work corner does not visually impair the atmosphere in the sleeping area. Specifically, this means: computers, cables and technology are cleverly stowed in hidden compartments and drawers so that a tidy impression is created as soon as you enter the room. Especially for this purpose there are suitable secretaries that can be folded out as well as designer desks with hidden storage space under the foldable worktop. Cable trims, cable spirals or, very creative, DIY boxes in subtle or eye-catching colors are ideal for hiding cables and chargers - depending on the taste and style of the interior. If you want to optically shield the work area, you can set up a screen as a privacy screen or mount a sliding curtain or roller blind on the ceiling.

10 interior design ideas for your bedroom

1. Furnishing idea: Urban jungle look for the bedroom

The bedrooms in the jungle-like greenery look create an exotic atmosphere. Green is particularly easy to combine with natural materials such as wood. If you don't want to limit yourself to just one tone, you can set little eye-catchers with yellow and blue cushions. Cuba fans will get their money's worth.

2. Furnishing idea: romantic bedroom

Those who prefer the romantic style should fall back on floral designs. Delicate flowers in combination with soft pastel tones have a very calming effect. So you can easily dream of the sea of ​​flowers.

3. Furnishing idea: Boho look in the sleeping area

Materials like canvas and linen are the basis for the boho style. They bring the necessary warmth to concrete, which can be found in many lofts or old converted factory buildings these days. There are also warm and rich spice colors such as orange, mustard yellow, brown, rust red and deep blue or green.

4. Furnishing idea: Hyggelig in Scandi style

The sun is always shining here: light tones such as apricot and mint harmonize well with wood and other cool tones. If you want to add some warmth, you can do so with plants for the bedroom and black and white pictures.