Why isn't Deontay Wilder fighting Anthony Joshua?

Boxing current: The fight date between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury is fixed

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Anthony Joshua versus Tyson Fury - in boxing fans don't want a fight so much. In 2021 the time has finally come: Joshua and Fury could compete for the heavyweight crown duel. The emphasis is on the word: could.

Tyson Fury names date for fight against Anthony Joshua

In any case, Joshua's promoter Eddie Hearn is hoping for this. He confirmed the TV station Sky Sports a week ago: The first fight is fixed. Accordingly, Joshua and Fury want to fight in Saudi Arabia in front of around 20,000 spectators. Hearn named the 7th or 14th August 2021 as possible dates. He thinks the later date is better, since the Olympic Games in Tokyo end before that (23 July to 8 August).

In the meantime, Fury has also commented on a possible date. He named August 14, 2021 as the date for the fight on Instagram. The date has not yet been confirmed by Hearn / Joshua. At the moment, however, the probable date is Saturday, August 14th.

Anthony Joshua: "We're All Tired of Talking"

Joshua had previously been annoyed about the tough contract negotiations. A few days ago he wrote on Twitter to Fury: "I'm tired. My fans are tired. Your fans are tired. We are all tired of the talk." Joshua added, "Less talk. More action!"

If the fight really comes off, it should take place in Jeddah on the Red Sea. Up to 20,000 spectators should be able to watch the boxing match live in the arena. A total of two fights between Joshua and Fury are to take place. There is no possible date for the second fight yet.

Joshua versus Fury: Boxing match for all or nothing

What would make the boxing match or the boxing matches so special? The winner of the fight would unite the world titles of all major boxing federations. Because: In a fight between Anthony Joshua (world title of the associations WBA, IBF, WBO) and Tyson Fury (world title of the association WBC) all four world titles are at stake. For Joshua and Fury it would be all or nothing in a possible fight.

Anthony Joshua - Tyson Fury: News on date, time, live stream

But the subjunctive remains important: The first of two fights could take place in August 2021. But the global spread of the corona virus could thwart the plans. In addition, professional boxing is known for the fact that promises and promises are often not kept by those involved. So an encounter between Joshua and Fury is far from certain.

So far, the fights between Joshua and Fury had only stood in the way of an argument between Fury and Deontay Wilder, who was dethroned by him. The American Wilder insisted on a third duel against Fury: In December 2018, Wilder and Fury had parted ways with a draw, in February 2020 Fury then won against Wilder through a technical knockout.

Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury: what are the odds?

Anthony Joshua: The 31-year-old (fighting name "AJ") was long considered invincible - until Andy Ruiz Jr. came in June 2019, sent Joshua four times and took the world titles from three important boxing associations. It's the only defeat Joshua has ever suffered in his professional career. Because: In December 2019, the Brit fought against Ruiz again, won and took back his three world championship titles from the WBA, IBF and WBO associations. In total, Joshua won 24 of his 25 fights - 22 of them even by knockout.

Tyson Fury: The 32-year-old (fighting name "Gipsy King") also comes from Great Britain and is considered one of the best boxers in the world. Most recently, he defeated the American Deontay Wilder at the beginning of 2020 and thus took the WBC world championship belt from him. Other than that, Fury's fight record is impressive: Fury won 30 of his 31 fights - 21 of them by knockout. Fury's worst result was the draw against Wilder in the first meeting in late 2018.

Anthony Joshua vs. Tyson Fury: broadcast live in the stream at DAZN?

There is not yet a fixed date for the first and second fight between Joshua and Fury. If a date is fixed, it is certain that the boxing match will also be streamed live.

It is not yet known which broadcaster will secure the rights to broadcast the fight between Joshua and Fury. As soon as it is clear where the boxing match can be seen live in the stream, you will find out here.

Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury: broadcast live on free TV?

It is also unclear whether the boxing match between Joshua and Fury will be shown live on free TV. As soon as there is information on this, you will find out here.

It is conceivable, for example, that the streaming portal DAZN secure the rights to the fight. In this case it would presumably not be seen for free on free TV. If you have a smart TV, you can usually watch the boxing match on the TV using an app.

DAZN offers a free trial month. For new customers, the fight can be seen as free. Thereafter, the service is chargeable. A monthly subscription costs 11.99 euros per month, an annual subscription 119.99 euros annually. (AZ)

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