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Which banks offer the fastest, safest and clearest mobile banking apps and which online offer is the best? We looked at which banks deliver the best online performance and compared the providers. However, we also made sure that the respective banks also offer generally reasonable conditions. This is how to open an online account correctly.

Best mobile banking apps - comparison according to the latest update February 2021

More information about online banking and mobile banking apps

Today it is hard to imagine modern account management without online and mobile banking. Nevertheless, the new procedures are still relative to many people unknown or suspicious. What are the most important things to know and what to look out for?

The different security procedures

mTAN, ChipTAN or AppTAN - there is now a whole range different security procedures and methods for the smooth running of online banking. As this is constantly being modernized and new processes come onto the market, we have dedicated our own comparison to the question of the different TAN processes. Here we show which bank offers which security procedures and explain them.
To the table of the different TAN procedures

Is mobile banking safe?

If you want to open an online account, many wonder how secure this type of banking is. Generally speaking, mobile banking is one of the basic procedures is just as secure as online banking from home with the computer. However, there are security experts who express concerns about TAN procedures, where the banking app and the Tan Generator take place on the same device, so to speak, i.e. the smartphone. Potential hackers would have direct access to all data in order to access accounts and make transfers.

What does mobile banking cost?

There is no general answer to this question - if you want to open an online account, it all depends on the provider. However, they are most of the normal banking apps of the various banks are free. One exception is the Sparkasse's Banking Plus app, which offers extended functions. You then pay an acceptable € 0.99 for this.

There are also a number of different ones Third party apps. Here you should definitely inform yourself beforehand, as there are also a lot of very hasty and not particularly well programmed applications.

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