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Sweat between the breasts - that helps

June 28, 2019 - 3:28 pm

These remedies help against sweat in the chest

When the temperatures climb up the thermometer in summer, women face some challenges, especially when it comes to beauty and skin care. One of them: the annoying sweat that collects under the breasts when it is hot and then becomes noticeable with stains on the top. Women with a large bust especially suffer from sweating in their breasts. But just as for armpit sweat, there are ways to get the perspiration under control. We'll tell you the five best anti-sweat tips for your bust size.

Antiperspirant fleece wipes

Antiperspirant fleece wipes * have the same effect as deodorant. The contained active ingredient narrows the sweat pores and thus regulates the formation of sweat in the long term. The wipes can be used on any part of the body that is sweaty and should not be missing in any handbag in summer. The perfect freshness kick for on the go.

Body and baby powder * absorbs excess moisture thanks to its zinc content, thus ensuring a dry bust. It can also help with sore and rubbed areas. Because: where there is less sweat, there is less friction.

If the sweat starts to smell unpleasant in the chest area, this is a clear sign of germs. The warm and humid environment is the perfect breeding ground for germs and fungi. To avoid infections or even skin reactions such as eczema, you should make sure to clean the affected areas with antibacterial solutions such as Tricolosan or Octenisept *.

For women with a large bust, "under-breast sweat protection" could be worthwhile. The towel-like bra insert made of cotton * can simply be pushed under the edge of the bra and soaks up sweat before it causes uncomfortable stains.

Similar to the bra insert, the so-called Ta-Ta-Towel * absorbs sweat. The mix of towel and bra can simply be placed around the neck and breasts and put an end to annoying beads of sweat. Breastfeeding women can also benefit from the invention, as the Ta-Ta-Towel also catches excess milk and, thanks to its terry cloth, offers comfort to irritated nipples.

But watch out: the towel bra is only suitable for women with larger breasts, otherwise it won't hold up.

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