What things you should never have done

6 things you never thought you would / have to do as a mom

In the past, it was always easy to imagine and sometimes it was conveyed that way - yes, even the stars show us how simple it is: Get pregnant, childbirth, perfect family life! But no, we were lied to! It is not quite that easy. There are some things that you never thought you would / have to do.


1. Pride instead of doubt

How often did we - before we became mommy - struggle with external appearances and waste so much time on it! By now you have mostly accepted yourself for who you are and you know what is really important in life. And these are definitely not stretch marks, because they are just signs of a small miracle and you are proud of them!


2nd open day

Are you the type of guy who was a bit naked in front of his partner? In the course of pregnancy you had to shed some of your natural shame. The birth is the culmination, because from then on you will no longer be embarrassed! Who has already seen your snail: gynecologists, everyone in the delivery room, your partner from all perspectives ...


3. Poop in front of strangers - yes, right!

One thing was definitely not part of the idea of โ€‹โ€‹having children: To poop yourself at birth - in the truest sense of the word! And then there's the placenta ... but now it's all sausage: D! But hey, that's completely normal - at least for the people in the delivery room ๐Ÿ˜‰


4. Wear diapers - yeah!

Thought diapers were only for toddlers? Um, no, after the birth you were also allowed to have this cotton-soft experience. A bit uncomfortable, but what must, must ๐Ÿ˜‰


5. Nipples for everyone!

As a teenager, it was embarrassing enough when the bikini / swimsuit slipped and your nipples made their way outside. You were even embarrassed when you saw a strange woman breastfeeding? It's been a long time, because now you don't care. When the baby is hungry, the breast is taken out. #freethenipple


6. Play Inspector Gadget

You never wanted to have anything to do with your own chair - wash it down quickly and pretend it had never been there. But now poop has a completely different meaning for you, because you can read from it like an oracle how your baby is doing. And if the color, consistency or smell differs from the usual chair, then you need an Insepctor Gadget ...