What are the career prospects for engineering

What will the job market for engineers look like in 2021?


Around 2010 a "lack of engineers" was invoked again and again. However, the fear that in a few years there would be a lack of hundreds of thousands of skilled workers in engineering did not materialize. Due to immigration and, above all, the increasing trend towards engineering studies, the job market for engineers is easing at the moment. The need for engineers varies greatly depending on the industry and degree of specialization and is sometimes quite urgent.

The construction industry, research and, in some cases, the manufacturing industry, where many positions remain unfilled every year, have real problems with young talent. On average, there are two vacancies for every unemployed engineerwhich is a very good cut and already shows: If you are not tied to a certain region, you can find a job comparatively quickly. In some areas, such as the chemical industry, the automotive industry and the aerospace industry, there is still a shortage of skilled workers, but only because engineers with particularly specific skills are being sought. However, there is no longer a widespread shortage of engineers in Germany.

Current the chances are good one suitable job to be found as an engineer. Especially new industries such as robotics, renewable energies or electric drives offer you innovative jobs on the job market for engineers. The traditional industries such as mechanical engineering and electrical engineering are currently reinventing themselves, which also offers you a large selection of interesting positions and new employers.