Is it wrong to pray naked?

"Do you actually know that you look naked downstairs?"

“Recently there was a young woman in front of me on the street wearing figure-hugging leggings. Due to the incidence of sunlight and the stretching of the fabric, for example when climbing stairs, the pants became virtually invisible on the skin. Now I'm not sure if it's a fashionably revealing trend or an unintended faux pas. Should I have pointed this out to the woman, or would that have been presumptuous or patronizing? " Moritz P., Munich

You sound genuinely concerned. I assume that you mean it well and are really unsure when a man is allowed to tell a strange woman that he thinks her clothes are too revealing. The right time is: never. Just never. Take this advice to heart and you will never go wrong in this area. Incidentally, it does not matter whether semi-transparent leggings are currently in fashion or simply please the wearer: women can dress as freely as they want. This is one of the achievements of our civilization, and if someone does not like that because it may violate their own aesthetic principles here and there, then they just think their part and look elsewhere. That's what women do whenever an older man with white socks in sandals comes into view.

Nevertheless, let's briefly go through the case that the woman is actually wandering unsuspectingly half-naked through the sunlight. In this case too, I really want to advise against being the one to bring her this news. First of all: what should she do now that she has run out onto the street? Take off your pants? Second, how would you like to put it exactly? "Excuse me, but do you know you look naked downstairs?" I can't think of any way that wouldn't make you look like a creepy old man. Should it really be the case that the woman has no idea what climbing stairs does with her legwear, and should that bother her as well, then you can secretly wish her a change in the weather. Pray for rain.