How do I get an au pair

for host families

Would you like to temporarily take an au pair girl or boy into your family?

An au pair brings you a substantial relief in everyday work. You and your family will also experience an intercultural exchange.
The au pair helps with the care of your children and with housework and in return gets to know the country and its people and deepens their language skills.

There are a number of things to be aware of. With our agency search you can find suitable au pair agencies that make it easier for you to find a suitable au pair for your family.

  • Find out more about the requirements that you have to meet as a host family if you want to host an au pair with you.
  • Under Rights and Obligations you will find guidelines for host parents and au pairs, for example what exactly you can and cannot expect from your au pair.
  • You can read about the financial outlay for an au pair under au pair costs.
  • If you want to know where your future au pair might come from, click on countries of origin.
  • How do you find the right au pair for your family? Under au pair placement we have put together the basic rules for contacting your possible new family member.
  • Since you as a host family are obliged to take out health, accident and liability insurance for your au pair, we have dedicated a separate chapter to au pair insurance.
  • We also have information ready for you on the subject of language courses for au pairs.
  • Under Account and Money Transfer you will find tips on how your au pair can set up a free current account and easily transfer money abroad.
  • We have also compiled the information from the Federal Employment Agency for German host families for you.