Who are Adobe's most direct competitors

5 Best Free Alternatives to Adobe Illustrator

A little bit of graphic design you know and Adobe Illustrator quite well. The famous company has a monopoly on image editing programs, either through its Photoshop emblem or the always incredible premiere. However, we know that sometimes you like to discover your main competitors. That's why today we're bringing you 5 best free alternatives to Adobe Illustrator.



It doesn't matter what website you're looking for or what graphic designers you're talking to: everyone will recommend Inkscape shortly after Illustrator. This program is open source and, most importantly, free of charge. The best? You don't have to envy your most direct competition for anything: a fairly simple and straightforward user interface, accompanied by the best design options, forms a set that you should always keep an eye on.

Corel Draw

It has been with us for some time and it has succeeded thanks to his good work among designers: Corel Draw. It supports more than 100 file formats, while its tools include the classic ones at the design level. Of course, we tell you that it is also an image editor as such, in case you notice it comes down to Photoshop sometimes.


With the fall of Xara, we have something similar to Corel Draw. It's a good design program, but it also turns its attention to another act like web layout. This way, you divide your tools in half, even if the design is always the central point on which everything is built. Previously, Xara was divided into two programs, but the developers have combined these two aspects into one. You will enjoy with him, we assure you.

Creative Docs

Simple, simple, simple ... No matter what term we use, every Creative Docs fits. This design program is perfect for low or medium quality creations. The interface gets straight to the point, without a lot of adornment and with the right and necessary, especially when you start out in this wonderful world.


We close this article with Gravit. In contrast to all the programs that we have presented in this article, Gravit does not have to install the PC: it runs online! Gravit offers the most direct office automation over the network and is a very competent editor with the most popular design tools. Incidentally, that also needs to be installed, but it happened online.