Why is cricket called cricket

Dream interpretation of cricket

Cricket is a ball sport in which two teams of eleven compete against each other. In contrast to many other ball sports, in cricket not every team can score points at the same time and during the entire season, but the teams alternately have the chance to win the game during so-called innings. Cricket is particularly widespread and very popular in the countries of the Commonwealth, i.e. in the United Kingdom's states and former colonies (e.g. India, Australia, Egypt).

But cricket has a long tradition not only in reality. Team sports can also be important on a completely different level: in our dreams. So it happens occasionally that we ourselves take part in a cricket game or visit one as a spectator. Such dreams always have a symbolic significance. But how do you interpret cricket as a dream? What exactly do dreams about this sport mean?

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Dream symbol "Cricket" - The general interpretation

Basically, the general dream interpretation interprets cricket as a positive symbol. Anyone who dreams of attending a cricket game and cheering on the athletes on the field is very likely to have a balanced one Social life. The dream symbol is a symbol of good interpersonal contacts and a large circle of friends. The dreaming gets to know other people easily, can quickly make contacts. In this context, the dream image "cricket" often heralds a new, particularly deep and long-term one that is soon to come Friendship at.

According to the general dream analysis, something else can apply if one stands on the pitch in the dream situation and plays cricket. In this case the dream symbol refers to Competitive situations and Rivalries. These do not make life easy for the sleeper at the moment. He has to invest a lot of effort, time and commitment in order to convince others of himself and to be able to outdo opponents.

In addition, the dream symbol "cricket" can occasionally also be very specific Character traits and represent strengths of the dreaming. The general dream interpretation sees in dreams in which one plays cricket, thus references to skills such as skill, motivation, perseverance and quick-wittedness.

Dream symbol "Cricket" - the psychological interpretation

For psychological dream interpretation, it is of particular importance that cricket is a team sport. According to this view, a dream situation in which one plays cricket shows where the person concerned feels integrated. The teammates who are in his team in the dream thus become figures with which the dreaming identifies, with whom he shares feelings and who convey a feeling of social belonging to him.

In rare cases, psychoanalysts also interpret the dream symbol "cricket" less positively. Then it counts as warningnot to get lost. The dreaming threatens possibly to lose the control over his feelings and in this course also the overview of his life. He has to find his way back to his values ​​and his roots.

Dream symbol "Cricket" - the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual dream interpretation, cricket symbolizes the meeting of two opposing forces. The respective dreamed cricket teams can also be groups spiritual companion symbolize.