What do rotten eggs look like

Egg test: is the egg still fresh?

With the three correct tips, you will definitely recognize fresh eggs. (Photo by: yelenayemchuk / depositphotos.com)

Eggs can be kept for around 18-20 days without refrigeration because they are protected by their shell. They have a longer shelf life, approx. 4-6 weeks if you store them in the refrigerator. Once an egg has been opened, it should be processed as quickly as possible.

1. The water test

The older an egg gets, the more water from the egg yolk evaporates through the egg shell - an air bubble forms inside.

Therefore, the approximate age of eggs can easily be determined with a water test. Put the egg in a glass filled with water:

  • It rises and swims on the surface of the water, the air bubble is already very large - the egg is spoiled.
  • If, on the other hand, the egg remains on the floor, it is fresh and you can safely eat it.
  • When the egg stands up, the position shows its approximate age:
    When the blunt end of the egg slightly upwards shows the egg is at least 5-7 days old.
    The egg stands however, perpendicular in the water, it was placed two to three weeks beforehand.

2. The hearing test

Hold the egg close to your ear and gently shake it. With fresh eggs you should hardly hear any noises. However, if the egg makes chuckling noises, it is spoiled.

3. Smell and appearance

If you break an egg, you can tell immediately from the smell whether it is edible or not.

The appearance is also a reliable indicator:

  • At fresh eggs the egg white remains thick after whipping and the yolk bulges upwards.
  • At rotten eggs however, the egg white and yolk run into each other immediately.

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