What keeps Barack Obama awake at night

Really making a hello during your studies: These are the sleep patterns of 21 successful people

by Tim Reichel

Did you sleep well?


Neither do I.

But I also have a terrible sleep pattern. In fact, I don't have a real sleep pattern at all. I only go to bed when I can barely open my eyes and then get up early the next morning because I don't want to miss an appointment. As a result, I naturally stay tired and then have to catch up on everything on days off or on the weekend.

Not a good concept. But I'm not alone in that.

Whether we go to bed at 10 p.m. or don't wake up until 1 a.m. whether we can get by with 5 hours of sleep or are still tired after 8 hours: We humans are different and we all have an individual sleep rhythm.

But if you are dissatisfied with your sleep behavior and you think that you actually have to change something in order to be more successful in your studies, then you are wrong!


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Infographic: Sleep patterns of successful people

Home Arena magazine examined the sleep patterns of 21 successful people and displayed them in an infographic (scroll down). I'll anticipate the result: The sleep patterns are completely different.

Originally published on: Home Arena


Find your own sleep rhythm

It doesn't matter whether you only need 4 hours of sleep (Marissa Mayer), go to bed at 11 a.m. (Thomas Edison), stay up until 3 a.m. (Winston Churchill) or get up at 7 a.m. (Barack Obama).

It is important that you find a sleep rhythm that suits you and can be integrated into your daily schedule. Only then can you really get started and study productively.

Of course, your sleep pattern is influenced by different periods of time during your studies: You will probably go to bed at different times during the exam phase than on days off, when all the exams have been passed and you are partying.

But that is also quite normal.


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Don't worry about your sleep schedule just because you think it's going to deviate from the norm.

Many successful people sleep at very different times and then also need different amounts of rest. You saw a few examples in the infographic from above.

Maybe you can use one or the other example as a guide and find your personal sleep pattern. Just try a little and find out what is good for you.

Good night.


Image: © Ryan McGuire / gratisography.com