Why am i a cuckold

Translation of "zum Hahnrei" in English

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One shouldn't have the regent's husband make a cuckold.
The royal cuckold thanks you for this opportunity!

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Your lover deserves to the cuckold to be made.
You question my judgment as a mother, even though you are your son to the cuckold have done!
(VANNOZZA CURSING IN ITALIAN) You dare to question my judgment as a mother, when you make a cuckold of your own son!
Audrey Elson fulfills her sexual fantasies cuckold Man
Audrey Elson fulfills her cuckold husband's sexual fantasies
You are lucky enough to have one Cock rice.
If it weren't for the roast beef, this one would have cuckold Bonaparte had us breakfast long ago.
If it weren't for the roast beefs, Bonaparte would have made mincemeat of us ...
Jenni Lee is unfaithful to her cuckold Man having bald massage
Jenni Lee is unfaithful to her husband cuckold with soon massage
The first major presentation of biomechanics was on April 25, 1922 The Powerful cuckold, a contemporary piece by Belgian author Fernand Crommelynck, premiered.
As a first larger presentation of biomechanics, The Magnanimous Cuckold, a contemporary play by the Belgian author Fernand Crommelynck, premiered in April 1922.
Other swear words bring the designated person with passively suffered adultery (cuckold) or in connection with an illegitimate birth (bastard).
This was very likely what was referred to in associating the bread with (non-fatal) mistreatment.
In 1932 his opera "The powerful cuckold"in Mannheim for the successful world premiere.
Maybe Toby Dannon knows something about the night he was cuckold committed.
Perhaps Toby Dannon will know something about the night he was cuckolding.
Scarlett Pain unfaithful, she submissive and cuckold old man
Scarlett Pain being unfaithful to her submissive and cuckold old husband
Courtney Cummz is unfaithful to her husband with a black one cuckold
Courtney Cummz is unfaithful to her husband with a black cuckold
Brooke Hunter cheats on her husband in agreement cuckold
Brooke Hunter cheating on her consenting cuckold husband
Allison Wyte humiliates cuckold Man cum by making him lick
Allison Wyte humiliates here cuckold husband by making him lick cum
They stayed there overnight. I am the cuckold from the "Kühnen Hahn"!
They stayed there. I'm the cucold from the "Clever Rooster"!
Compliant cuckold watching the whore he's married, deceives him
Complaisant cuckold observes how the whore he is married to, deceives him
I prefer people to think of me as one cuckold than for a fool.
I'm a man who would rather be known as a cuckold than a fool.
The drop of blood that is still calm is what Bastard calls me and cuckold my father.
That drop of blood that's calm proclaims me bastard, cries "cuckold" to my father, brands the "harlot"
The scenery of The Powerful cuckold, constructed by Lyubov Popowa, was actually no longer a scenery, but a single machine made of planks, ramps, ladders and scaffolding.
The scenery for The Magnanimous Cuckold, constructed by Liubov Popova, was no longer actually scenery, but was instead a single machine made of planks, ramps, ladders and scaffolds.
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