What manifestation techniques have worked for you

07 September 2007

translated by Kerstin Warkentin



Question and you will be given.



I know. You've heard that a million times. Maybe you think that it only exists in fairy tales, in stories and movies and it will never happen to you. But I can assure you that this is a universal truth and it works for everyone, including you.

Today I'm going to explain to you the real meaning behind it and the step by step process you can use based on these principles. Before I explain the techniques to you, I would like to discuss with you why these laws work perfectly for you and why it is absolutely true.


Scientists have studied the human brain for centuries. They know the anatomy of our brains very well, but they never found the place in our brains where thoughts come from. You will likely never find it. And yet they are in our brain. Where do our thoughts come from? They come from an absolutely pure, unadulterated field of thought in which everything is manifested. Some people call it "the Universal Mind" some call it "GOD", or "the source of energy" or "Cosmic energy". It basically means the same thing. It is the unique field that is the origin of everything, the origin of me, of you, and of everything that exists in this world.

We are all the extension of this field. And we are all one with and in this field. Think of the ocean and the waves. When we see waves, we see millions, billions, of different patterns and we think we are all different and separate from others, but in essence we are all expansions of the ocean. We are extensions of this unique field in the same sense.


When we and this unique field or GOD are one, then our thoughts are the thoughts of GOD. Our longing is the longing of GOD. Do you really think GOD will fail by granting his own desires? Of course not. So why should we worry about our desires? Whatever we ask, it will be fulfilled.


Then the logical question is: why am I still living in this life of struggle?

Why do I still experience fear and unhappiness?

The answer is simple. No matter what you are experiencing now, you invited it to you or asked about it at some point in your past. Whenever you have a thought about your fear or worry, you ask for more of it. We always ask subconsciously and most of the time we ask about the negative.


We live in a negative world. Most people think negatively. Nobody needs to be ashamed of it. That's exactly the way it works. If we don't get over it, we are unable to grow. We cannot climb a mountain if the law of gravity does not hold us.


So the question now is: we can ignore our negative thoughts and feelings. We just replace it with a positive one. It's a lot easier than you think. And yet it's easier said than done.

I have tried these techniques, which I am about to introduce to you, and they are extremely effective. They are easy to use and yet very powerful. I promise you, once you start using them, you will quickly feel the positive effects within days. Sometimes right away.



Be clear about your intentions !!


If you want to get you should be clear about what you are asking. We have more than 65,000 thoughts a day, which of them are important?

And many, many thoughts are in conflict with one another. Imagine you are thinking of flying to London, but in the same breath you have another thought, namely that you want to fly to New York.

Which of the two should the universe fill? In fact, there is no way to do that. There is no solution.

Therefore, always be clear about what you really want. This is the most important step of all.




Technique # 1: Write down your intentions

This first technique to help you realize what you really want is what I call:

Write intentions


This technique is from Brain Tracy, but I've repackaged it so it works better for me.


Every morning when you wake up and every night before you go to sleep, write down everything you want in terms of intentions.

Here are some examples:

"I intend to pass my exam, now, I accept this or something better."

If you want a new BMW, you should put it this way.

“I now intend to manifest a new BMW. I accept this or better. "


Please, I recommend you, take my words, do not change them, because they are extremely effective that way.


After you have written everything down, write these words:

“Please let this or something better happen that is for my very best good for me and everyone else who is involved, THANK YOU; THANKS; THANKS"

Do it exactly as I say, don't change the words or the format. I don't have enough space here to explain why exactly these words are so important, but trust me, you will see and feel results when you use them that way.





Technique # 2: Make a contract with your inner CEO


This technique is from Bob Scheinfeld. Take a small box and find a place that only you know. Your place for this box. Write all your wishes on a piece of paper and put it in the box. You have to make a contract with your higher self (or GOD or your CEO: your inner boss.). The contract includes everything that is important to you.



Using these 2 techniques you will be able to successfully direct your inquiries to this unique field.

Connect with this unique field. !!



Technique # 3: 15 minute short meditation.


Meditate for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. Just focus on your breath and when your thoughts wander, they wander somewhere, bring them back to your breath. This technique will help you reconnect with the unique field and restore your energy. It works best when you feel that connection. This simple technique will make a world of difference in your life.

Trust me!!




The next two techniques will help clear any negative blocks. And to work harmoniously with this field. And they will speed up your desires.




Technique no 4: 17 second flip switch



This is my favorite technique that I learned from the legendary Dr. Robert Anthony learned. It has dramatically changed the quality of my life. And it will change yours as well.

Most self-help programs fail because they don't work at that moment. If we have a negative feeling, we need to change it at that very moment, and not allow it to grow on. That's exactly what FlipSwitch does. During the day, give yourself at least 17 seconds to think about good feelings. Think of people or things or situations that fill you with joy and focus on them for 17 seconds. You can also do this when you feel bad, so that you can feel good about yourself. You can also do it when you feel good, you will feel even better then. Make a goal of making a list of things for which you are grateful. Or of things that make you happy, that make you happy. Look at this list several times a day and focus on it for at least 17 seconds. You will actually experience dramatic changes in your life.



Technique # 5: 3 minute break in strength


This is the technique of John Harricharan. (http://www.theultimatesecrets.com/rd/power.html)

It's like a magic formula. Before doing this exercise, make a contract with yourself that you will let go of the problem you are having at the moment and think for just 3 minutes about whatever you want to think.

Just take 3 minutes for yourself. This exercise consists of 3 steps.

  • Step: Separate yourself from your problem, once you've signed this contract with yourself, it's already done
  • The second step is to imagine how it feels that your wishes have already been fulfilled. Really let it take place in your head.
  • The 3 step is to say thank you and really feel that gratitude, that's all. You don't need more than 3 minutes for this.
  • Easy isn't it? Only you have to do it !!


    Trust the process. !!


    There will also be times when you worry and have doubts as to whether your wishes will really come true. When that happens, you need to remember yourself, remind yourself of your truth.

    Here are a few examples that I keep telling myself.


    "The life in me is inextricably linked with all the life that exists and is completely and sincerely devoted to me for my very best good!"


    “Everything I'm looking for is looking for me. I let go of how it comes to me, I just concentrate on my heart's desire. My higher self inside me knows how to make it happen. That's why I can really relax and let go.

    Everything that is necessary to make my wish come true comes to me lovingly and harmoniously and easily and quickly. I accept this or something that is much, much better. I am ready, receptive, and grateful and so it is. And I'll let that happen "


    Apply these techniques and I promise you will see wonderful results in a matter of days.




    Sincerely, Kerstin