Why do high school relationships fail

How relationships really fail

On the occasion of today's World Forgiveness Day, the relationship fortune forge ElitePartner asked its members which misdeeds of their partner they could least forgive. In first place of the most unforgivable relationship killers landed - unsurprisingly - "an affair", closely followed by "too little freedom".

The suspicion is that the respondents, as members of a dating site, have unrealistic ideas about what causes long-term relationships to actually fail, or what things the partner has to be forgiven for every day if love is to last a lifetime. Here is a list of frequently underestimated reasons for separation:

- Do not hang new garbage bags in the garbage can.

Most read this week:

- Share funny Facebook memes days after everyone else did.

- Leave the shampoo bottles open in the bathroom, despite the risk of dilution.

- Rave about stars and celebrities who visually have absolutely nothing in common with their partner.

- Leave socks lying around.

- Leave empty yoghurt pots to stand.

- Getting upset about socks and yogurt cups like there is nothing more important in the world.

- Use homicide arguments ("In Aleppo, children die and you get upset about a couple of socks flying around!")

- Give practical gifts (socks) on days that scream for kitschy symbolism.

- Eat the last piece of chocolate.

- Hair in the sink.

- Indiscreet handling of feminine hygiene articles.

- When tipping, do not round up to full euro amounts.

- Watch three episodes of the Netflix series reserved for watching together, just because the other one goes out ONCE in the evening.

- Get accessories-intensive hobbies.

- First put dirty dishes on the empty dishwasher.

- Screw up punch lines.

- Introduce a request to the partner with the words ┬╗Shouldn't we again ...┬ź.

- Different philosophies when it comes to opening and emptying packaging (toothpaste, muesli, etc.).

- Want to convince the other penetratingly of the superiority of your own packaging opening and packaging emptying philosophy.

- Put CDs in the wrong CD cases.

- Just throw away CDs, because today you can hear everything digitally anyway.

- In general: throw things away.

- Never throw things away, although they only take up space and only have incomprehensible nostalgic value.

- Suddenly change your diet for no compelling medical reason.

- Tell everyone about this change in diet.

When you are able to forgive each other for all of these things, even on the non-forgiving days, then you have found a truly great love.

A love that can easily take on any affair.

Illustration: Eugenia Loli