What is the Turkish word for punishment?

Translation of "punish you" in Turkish

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But if you're angry I will punish you have to.
You know that I punish you got to?
You were a bad boy and I will punish you.
And the director is the football commissioner ... the one punish you want.
You feel guilty and I should punish you.
I just want punish you, Hiro.
See if you've cheated on me I will punish you.
If you run away again, your father will be punish you.
Eğer aynı şeyleri tekrarlarsan, babandan dayağı yersin.
You have done considerable damage and disobeyed my orders, and for that I will punish you.
May God punish you, Father Constantine!
Tanrı belanı Verecek, Peter Constantine!
Otherwise I leave punish you!
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