What are the Instagram Filter Hacks

7 Instagram hacks you definitely haven't seen before

Many of us use social platforms like Instagram more or less regularly. Most of us are familiar with basic functions such as posting, saving or sending something. But Instagram offers its users many features that not everyone is familiar with, but which are very practical. Think you are well versed in Instagram's features? We have seven Instagram hacks for you that not everyone knows yet.

Instagram hack 1: stay incognito

Do you want a certain person not to see when you are online? With the restrict function, you can select specific profiles that can then no longer use certain functions in relation to your profile. This includes the fact that they can no longer see when you are online or that you have read their messages. Likewise, these people can comment on your posts, but only they can see their comments.

To restrict a person on Instagram, go to their profile and click on the three-dot menu in the top right. Here you select "Restrict". In this way you can also block a person permanently.

Instagram Hack 2: Clear search history

Instagram is a great platform to collect inspiration. The search function can be used to find content on all sorts of topics or the accounts of specific people. However, you may find yourself embarrassed by some of these searches if you are looking at your cell phone with a friend. Conveniently, Instagram offers the option of deleting your entire search history or individual search queries. To delete individual search queries, simply go to the search and click on the x next to the corresponding queries. You can delete them all at once by tapping your Profile> Settings> Security and click on "Search History" there. Here you have the option to delete all of your search queries.

Instagram hack 3: Organize filters

Do you often use the same filter for your pictures, but always have to search for it? In fact, you can drag and drop the filters in Instagram to sort them as you like. To do this, open a photo that you want to share as a feed post. On the page where you can choose the filter, hold down your favorite filter and move it to the front, for example. As soon as you let go of it, it is in its new place. If you are sure that you never want to use a filter, you can drag it onto the cross and hide it.

Instagram hack 4: Sort saved content

You can use the small bookmark to save posts on Instagram that you like and that you want to look at again later. You can find these in a collection when you click on your profile, then on the three-line menu and on "Saved". But after a while it can get very confusing there. That is why Instagram offers the option to sort the saved posts into folders. To do this, simply click on the plus sign in the top right of your collection and select all of the articles that you want to add to the new collection. You also give your collection a name. For example, you could create a folder for recipes or one with interesting tips.

Instagram hack 5: Pin comments

As soon as a post has several comments, Instagram itself decides which of them could be most relevant for other users and displays this under the post. However, you can also decide yourself which comment should be shown to others. It's easy to do by pinning it on. To do this, press and hold the comment that you want to pin. When you let go, a menu bar will appear at the top where you can choose between pinning, reporting and deleting. Other users can see that you have pinned a comment.

Instagram Hack 6: Unfollow Inactive Accounts

You surely know how to unfollow an account, after all, all you have to do is go to their profile and click on “Don't follow”. But there is another practical way to directly sort out multiple accounts that you haven't interacted with in a long time. To do this, visit your profile and click on "Subscribed". Here you will find the category “Fewest interactions”. There you will find all the accounts with which you have interacted the least in the last 90 days. You can scroll through these and decide whether you want to continue to follow them or rather unsubscribe.

Instagram hack 7: Save sounds from reels

Instagram is currently relying heavily on the new Reels format. The short videos often achieve a high reach and get a lot of likes. Reels that follow a certain trend are often successful. The same sound is often used for this and each user shoots their own video. In order to use a sound for your own reel, you don't have to record it or search for it for a long time. Instead, you can simply click on a reel that contains the sound (located at the bottom of the reel). You get to the overview page for the audio and can save it there. You can also find other videos there that used the same sound. Saved sounds can then be found during the reel creation when you add music.