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Rolls are rolls with fish stuffing, rice and pressure algae. Small calorie dishes are one of the factors behind the ubiquitous love of traditional Japanese cuisine. But how many calories in such a dish, for example, in rolls "Philadelphia"? Talk about the ingredients and the energy value of the product.

How Many Calories in Rolls?

The rolls made by Japanese recipe are characterized by low calorie levels. But depending on the ingredients, the energy value of Japanese dishes also increases - oily fish and cheese are therefore more fatty products. Rolls with vegetables and crab fillets have the fewest calories. Also, let's not forget about the rice - despite the apparent dryness, the grains are soaked in vinegar and soybean sauce, which gives them an extra energy value.

If we consider fewer calorie rollers, then you should pay attention to the dietary dishes of Chinese or Korean cuisine, such as: B. "California" or "Alaska".

In general, you can read the roles of calorie and even useful food. Nutritionists recommend Japanese cuisine as the optimal food option when weight loss is optimal. Seafood enriches the digestive system with a whole range of vitamins and amino acids.

Interesting fact! Fish and rice create a unique combination of nutrients that prevent the tissues of the human body from being destroyed. The improved metabolism helps to reduce the rate of aging. This is evidenced by examples of the eastern long-lived.

What is the caloric content of "Philadelphia" rolls?

Consider the energy value on a specific example - take the classic "Philadelphia" as a basis.

Ingredient list:

  1. Compressed Algae (NORI) - we enrich our body with vitamins from groups A and C, carbohydrates and minerals. Nori helps get rid of varicose veins. Sea plants increase immunity and reduce cholesterol.
  2. Rice - includes vitamins from groups E, RR and B, trace elements and minerals. It is white grains that are responsible for neutralizing waste products in the body due to coarse fibers.
  3. Salmon - Contains groups of vitamins B12, D and E. Fish delicacy enriches our organism with omega fats and useful amino acids.
  4. Philadelphia (cheese) is rich in a complex of vitamins A, B, E, K, RR, minerals and macroelements. Cheese contributes to the best digestibility of food, especially fatty fish.

The calorie content of the Philadelphia rolls of the Japanese serving sample is 142 kilocalories per 100 grams.

Nutritional value is represented by: proteins - 9.7 gr, fats - 6.7 gr. And carbohydrates - 10.8 gr.

What's the Calorie From Rolls With Salmon?

If you have the time and you've decided to cook house rolls, then don't be surprised that the calorie content of cozy rolls is more than a traditional Japanese dish. It's about the recipe and the ingredients used.

When counting calories, you should focus on the following data:

  • · Image - 332 kcal per 100 g;
  • Salmon - 195 kcal per 100 g;
  • Vinegar - 11 kcal per 100 ml;
  • Soy sauce - 68 kcal per 100 g;
  • Vasabi - 57 kcal per 100 g

When adding salt or marinated ginger, their calorie content should be taken into account. So 100 grams of ginger contains around 15 kilocalories.

While counting, you may come across a situation where the manufacturer gives calories for a serving, and for a whole plate. At the same time, the rice with salmon is much lower in calories, instead of a similar portion with a tuna. When stuffing with shrimp, avocado or cucumber, the average calorie value is around 100 kcal per 1 roll (6 pieces).

Approximate nutritional value of a classic product with salmon:

Calories - 169 KCAL, proteins - 6 grams, fats - 4 grams, carbohydrates - 28 grams.

Table of calorie free rolls

productCalories, kcal.Proteins, gr.Fat, gr.Carbohydrates, gr.
Roll Unaga173 5,3 8,3 19,2
California roll176 7 8,8 17,2
Roll avocado105 2 1,3 21,2
Philadelphia roll.142 9,7 6,7 10,8
Roll chidori.163 8,5 8 14,3
Role syakha unagi maki150 8,5 7,1 13,1
Role Alaska90 4,2 2,7 12,2
Role Kyoto.155 8,4 6,3 16

It is time to discuss calorie rolls - Our favorite cooling. This dish is very popular today - we pull it to restaurants and order a home.

The secret is simple - balanced rolling composition.. Rolls and sushi are among those few goodies that even athletes, supporters of ZOZH and PP make possible. Sushi calories are relatively small. And that's understandable because the traditional ingredients of these dishes are:

  • cooked rice;
  • seaweed nori;
  • red fish;
  • red caviar;
  • shrimp;
  • cucumber;
  • avocado.

How much is in the bar to be the result?

Sushi and rolls.

All of that, as you can see enough resilient, tasty and useful productswho has to be present in a healthy diet.

  • So, nori. Contains iodine, which is necessary for the thyroid to work. The product is rich in protein and contains no fat at all, is a source of calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, ascorbic acid. Seaweed, which cooks put in sushi, is necessary for bone tissue and immunity, as well as for normal operation cardiovascular system, brain activity.
  • Red fish and caviar - almost delicacies, just as useful as tasty. Products contain a large amount of iodine, phosphorus and iron, folic acid, polyunsaturated fatty acids. These and other seafood are useful for preventing atherosclerosis, strengthening vision and bones.
  • avocado Promotes weight loss and breaks out excess cholesterol in the blood, has a miraculous rejuvenating effect.

Depending on tradition, the standard section is considered to be a standard section with a standard section of 220-250 grams. It is so much that it is usually served in restaurants.

Role calorie: table

The calorie content of sushi and rolls can of course be roughly calculated, because every restaurant has its secrets. But universal table of calorie rollers Exists anyway. It is very convenient when you decide to indulge yourself deliciously, but do not stop worrying about the figure.

We probably won't be wrong in saying this calorie Rolov Philadelphia. Interested in us first. The the most popular role, a kind of classic, without which almost no orders do. Read more about him.

Also try: "scrub" for a bowel of oatmeal

  • Philadelphia Calorie Roll - 142 KCAL per 100 grams of finished product.The fatestest in this role is cheese. Other ingredients are completely harmless to the waistline.
  • Oddly enough, California roll is even more nutritious - about 176 kcal per 100 g.
  • The calorie content of baked rolls is also slightly higher, but of course the food, vegetable roles (Nutritional value is usually no more than 35 kcal per 100 g).

And now about all the goodies in order.

Roll: calories around 100 grams

Roll avocado105
Role Alaska90
Roll Azu Maki.137
Role banzai.143
Burto Daikon role99
Role bonito.148
Role botany Kimuti.144
Geisha Maki role.158
Role dzitaka.148
Roll Dragon Macs.189
Role inari spaci.123
Role Kaguwase171
Role of Kadzi Syaké.142
California roll176
Canada roll151
Role of Kani Hinata.124
Role of Kappa Macs.90
Karuye role.46
Role Kyoto.155
Role Kunseei Batakon.174
Manatsubi role.99
Masiro Daikon role71
Midori Syacé role.152
Role ovara143
Role okinawa139
Role Raduga.105
Roll rock and roll138
Roll with salmon116
Rolls with cucumber80
Roll with Ugrine110
Samurai roll120
Roll Supis Tampura.160
Role Xiana.128
Roll Syak Kunsey Maki146
Role syakha unagi maki150
Tamago Maki roll.145
Role tanuki.201
Roll Tanuki Furai Maki154
Roles tokyo.155
Role tori yasai.160
Role of Tekka Macs.105
Roll tampura.129
Roll Unaga173
Roll Unaga173
Roll Unagi Kani.277
Roll Unagi Tizu.165
Roll Unagi Uramaki152
Philadelphia roll.142
Role of Harumaki.242
Roll of zucchini macs.87
Roll chidori.163
Role ebi kaigan.120

Sushi calorie., 1 piece

Popular Japanese rolls can be used on proper nutrition without remorse of conscience, knowing exactly how many calories there are in the plate.

You can learn the calorie from rollers with a calorie table or make custom calculations based on the energy value of all the ingredients.

Composition and use of Japanese dishes when losing weight

Eel, boiled rice, crabs and sauces make food difficult for the stomach, but there are light varieties of Asian delicacies.

With a healthy diet, plant rolls with cucumber, avocado, seaweed chakki are suitable, but in this case portions should be moderate.

They are allowed to eat up to 20 pieces a day, half of which are for breakfast.

Calorie sushi and rolls

Rollers are allowed to start with a diet, but it should be borne in mind that most of them are quite calories, which is explained by their composition.

The basis of the dish is the failed rice, fish meat, seaweed and seafood, which are not considered dietary food.

To choose useful roles, there are a few tips that you need to adhere to:

  • Choose a brown rice snack: it's fewer calories.
  • Do not use spices and sauces.
  • Remove the soy sauce from the menu, it will increase appetite.
  • Remove the tempura rolls from the ration (in the batter).
  • Squeeze the plate of green tea without sugar.

To reduce the calorie content, you need to choose the varieties of sushi with the smallest content of carbohydrates.

Table of the calorie content of the most popular roles

The caloric roll content depends on their variety on their variety, adding on an average of 200-300 kcal diet.

The table allows you to learn the calorie content of any type of land and choose the most official options:

The easiest are rolls with avocado, cucumber and zucchini poppies.

Rolls in Dukhanu.

Dr. Dukana implies the meals exclusively of marine products and enables the daily use of sushi.

For a diet on Ducan rolls are made in a special way: crab is removed from the recipe, salmon, white rice is replaced with brown.

For a successful sushi diet flow, they recommend adding soups, juices, and teas. A classic recipe includes brown rice, nori, cucumber, avocado, cottage cheese.

With avocado.

To make rolls with avocado, you need to purchase algae nori, round or brown rice, avocado.


  1. Pour the rice with water, cook and tomorrow on fire on fire 10-15 minutes.
  2. Prepare the nori in half, grill avocado.
  3. Put seaweed on the table, put the rice, avocado, formulate the roll.
  4. It is impregnated to impregnate (10 minutes), cut into 6-8 pieces.
  5. Serve on a plate with a piece of avocado.


In rolls "Philadelphia" - 142 kcal. You are saturated with an easily rejected protein and fiber, which contributes to weight loss.

Seafood hung seafood increases mental and physical activity, saturates the body with iodine and iron.

For cooking you need:

  1. Nori sheets are divided into several parts, cook rice.
  2. Gradually lay cheese, greens, cucumbers on cubes of algae.
  3. Above to stick rice, wrap in a thin strip of salmon, cut into pieces.


California rolls include popular and calorie-free varieties.

In 100 g, 176 kcal is completed, which makes it not the most successful option for the diet.

Products (crab meat, tobiko, mayonnaise) are part of the plate (meat) affect its calories.

Notice! Crab meat is a powerful allergen. Frequent use of such rollers can provoke allergies.

The crab can be replaced with crab chopsticks or low-fat fish, tobiko (flying fish caviar) - red caviar. Mayonnaise is recommended to rule out.

With cucumber

Rolls with cucumber - The lowest calorie view. In cucumber, many organic acids, fiber, useful for losing weight. This type of delicacy can be easily cooked in your kitchen.

For cooking you need:

  1. Boil the 200 g brown rice, separate the sheets from the nori, which finely chop the cucumber.
  2. To lay the rice layer on top of the detailed seaweed sheet, add a sliced ​​cucumber in the center.
  3. Roll the shape and cut 6 identical sizes.

Calorie roll with salmon

Rolls with salmon or XYAK poppiesare popular with healthy nutritionists due to their low calorie content - 128 kcal in 100 g.

Fresh salmon is used for cooking - the storehouse of vitamins B, A, E and D, selenium, zinc and minerals. Doctors don't often recommend there are such rollers as they can cause the rejection metabolism and constipation.

Calorie sprinkler

Traditional sprinkler recipe Including prawns, red onions, lettuce, several types of sauces that make them fat and heavy on the stomach.

Depending on the ingredients, the calorie content can vary from 294 to 445 kcal, which removes them from the list of low-fat dishes.

Notice! Sprinkle Roll is a fatty plate from the Fastfud category. Replacing the ingredients cannot make its calories below 294 kcal.

With the house card this type of roll, mayonnaise, yogurt, replace it with green sauce. It is recommended not to use lavash, crumbs, and prepare a dish in the oven.

The role of sushi and rolls when losing weight

If you ingest the ingredients correctly, roles can be diet and benefit the body. Sushi on a diet is saturated with microelements with the body and is about to lose weight if they refuse sweet and harmful products.

Reject roasting rollers

It is worth understanding that when losing sushi, toasted in the dough, belongs to forbidden dishes: this type of cooking and oil can increase the calior of peeling by two times.

There are many oil and special breadcrumbs (tempura), which are high in fat, for sushi roasting. It is better to be satisfied with vegetable sushi with the gifts of the classic sea.

Don't go get carried away with cream cheese

Another piece of advice for losing weight is to turn down rolls of cream cheese. It is high in saturated carbohydrates, the use of which slows down digestion and contributes to a massac.

An excessive amount of cheese adversely affects the liver and increases cholesterol.


These products increase the eating of foods so they should be excluded.

Replace the white rice with the brown

White rice itself is heavy for the body, it contains a lot of fat, which is in the body for a long time and which inhibits the metabolism. It is better to replace the white rice brown.

In the latter, a lot of magnesium, zinc, which is important for the normal functioning of the body, is closed off. In addition, the brown rice is the natural layer of fiber that contributes to fat burning.

Sashimi (raw fish without rice) - the best option

- various types of raw fish without a side dish. Such a diet is saturated with iodine, fluorine, but not all shown.

Some people's organism is unable to take in raw fish, nausea and problems with the gastrointestinal tract develop. RAW can only have one type of fish. To cook sashie use salmon, scallop, sibas, etc.

Tuna and salmon should be your favorite friends

Salmon and tuna must necessarily be present in the diet. There is a lot of iron in their meat, fluoride, and therefore it is useful for the body when the weight loss is on.

To reduce the calirage of rolls with tuna, they advise you to take a weak fish for their preparation, some meat to completely remove sauces and cheese. Refusing smoked fish, you can cut the calirage almost twice.

Add rolls of vegetables

Adding vegetables as a filling will greatly reduce the energy value of the plates, reduce the severity of rice and refresh the taste.

Vegetables can play the role of substitute products such as smoked fish, ham, cheese and others.

Don't refuse the ginger and vasabi

Despite root management on the dangers of roles in roles, it is better not to turn down from some toppings.

Vasabi and ginger speed up metabolism, activate blood flow and improve digestion.

They will start cleansing the body and improve fiber splitting.


Japanese rolls with a competent approach can be not only a tasty, but also a useful dish.

Cleverly combining fats and proteins, replacing white rice and calorie products on Skimmed, reducing the amount of carbohydrates that prepare a diet dish rich in minerals and speed up metabolism.

Today sushi restaurants almost took this niche that was previously behind the pizzerias behind the pizzerias: in the city, which they are located almost through the quarter, and about the fact that every self-respecting shopping and entertainment complex next to ordinary cafeterias have at least one point should you can order and enjoy sushi and rolls, it is not worth mentioning. Now for homemade websites, buy or not bake the cake and not brew tea: you order some types of sushi on your own or creative, more and more pervasive culture of the rising sun. And the fact that they are a normal dish in Europe entered the discharge of delicacies in Europe and became something of a trend.

And therefore those who loved the new trend and even occasionally, but orders, no longer have an exotic nose, you should know how many calories in sushi during a diet are not dangerous, what they do and how they affect the body.

It is worth saying right away that sushi and rolls are not the same thing and therefore, when figuring out the calorie content of a dish, it is important to understand that the information is being requested correctly. Rolls are rice with different fillings wrapped in a sheet of seaweed noria and cut into pieces four or five centimeters. Sushi is tied up in an elongated shape of rice that covers the reservoir of the fish or other seafood, and the entire construction of the same noria is tied with a thin ribbon of color. And the calorie content of the last dish is considered below.

In order to understand how many calories in sushi without looking on the Internet, it is enough to simply disassemble them into the components, find out the calorie content of each part of the sushi, the product and then on the eye to already the eye to determine approximate weight and independently count the calorie value. If the dish is made at home, it is even easier, since there are weights and knowing the exact figures, it is possible for all ingredients. It is possible, up to two characters after the semicolons, to calculate at least the calorie of sushi "Philadelphia", at least everyone else.

How Many Calories in Sushi

Sushi Caloric Data Spread is actually impressive - they can only "weigh" 127 kcal and can achieve and estimate at 349 kcal per hundred grams. It just depends on the ingredients as the technology of preparing this dish remains unchanged and there are no harmful ways to treat hot oil.

The basis for sushi Each type of rice serves, and not only is it not only cooked, but it is prepared in a certain way, so that the rice variant for sushi is also desirable to choose a dish, and not that of the porridge boils with milk. Special rice for sushi is characterized by round-grained, small size and high stickiness in order to keep the shape, not to fight and not to spread. The real Japanese rice for sushi calories does not overtake the usual white, which is used for cooking Russian porridge, and "weighs" only 333 kcal per hundred grams. Despite the fact that in the process of heat treatment, the moisture is absorbed, he changes his calorie rate to less than 110 kcal. Rice itself is an excellent source of the nutrient fiber which is what causes its calorie content. In addition to the fact that the fiber gives the body a long feeling of satiety, at the same time does not have to lie on the sofa until it runs, until it passes, the fiber also cleanses the intestines, stimulates digestive processes and is very good of the body. In addition, the rice beats down cholesterol levels and improves the brain as well. And considering it is treated with vinegar in the process of preparation, it increases the ability to overclock the metabolism.

Fish - the second main component in sushi - through calories can reach both 138 kcal and every 250 kcal per hundred grams. The main thing is that it is typical of absolutely any fish, this is a high percentage of phosphorus and calcium, the necessary bone tissue, the content of easily preserved protein, polysized fatty acids omega-3, which are required and the heart muscle, and that Nervous system and even vascular walls. As for certain numbers, most often you can find salns salty or smoked. It is part of the great demand from Sushi Philadelphia, and its calorie content is 202 kcal in salt, 237 kcal - in the pickled and 153 kcal - in the fresh. A slightly less popular one in recipes uses a tuna, the calorie content of which is 138 kcal in sons, 139 kcal in the smoked form and 139 kcal in the fresh form. As part of various types of sushi, you can still meet an octopus with a caloric content of 100 KCAL or Hockey Mollusk - 76 KCAL.

As a result, with a classic recipe consisting of rice, seafood and thin seaweed noria, the calorie content of the sushi is about 120-210 kcal per hundred grams, and a piece weighing 30 grams gives about 40-70 kcal. In particular, the calories of the sushi "Philadelphia" per piece is 38 kcal. With the addition of new components, for example, cucumber, which draws to 14 kcal per hundred grams, or avocado with "weight" in 160 kcal, the calorie content of sushi changes significantly.

Sushi in the diet of those who follow the figure

The sushi benefits in the nourishment of food have long been grateful not only to weight loss but also to nutritionists. And it is not only in the calories of sushi, but also in its completely natural composition, all products of which are easily absorbed, and also help improve digestion, activate metabolism and decrease blood sugar and cholesterol. Every calorie is good here and is not shifted into problem areas. Of course, if you do not use sushi kilograms and without stopping, then it is natural to know the measure, even the most useful and light product. Just like you don't argue before bed.

The popularity of Asian cuisine in our country is growing every year. You can try in cafes and restaurants. The Internet publishes a large number of recipes from Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and Thai cultures. After them, it will be easy to prepare yourself at home or any other interesting and tasty dish. Particularly well-known sushi and rolls.

Cooking products.

The main ingredient is rolling rice. This is a useful product with a high fiber content. It provides good digestion.

Rice is tightened in seaweed nori and add a variety of fillings:

  • seafood (salmon, tuna, eel, prawns, crabs),
  • vegetables (cucumber, avocado, Peking cabbage, Bulgarian pepper, tomatoes),
  • cheese (Philadelphia, Mozarella),
  • flyfish caviar.
  • Sesame seeds,
  • different sauces
  • smoked chicken,
  • green,
  • mushrooms.

Twisted roll cut into identical pieces. Some are toasted in deep fryer, bake. Eat this dish with pickled ginger, soy sauce, and vasabi.

Of greater importance to this dish is its low calorie content. In this case, the rollers are very satisfactory, contain a lot of proteins and complex carbohydrates. People who stick to diets and follow their figure often choose this product for their menu. Many classic cooking recipes remain unchanged over the years.

At the same time, many chefs try to diversify the taste of this dish with an unusual combination of new ingredients. We may be familiar with US mayonnaise, which dramatically increases the calorie content of the stagnant section per 100 kcal. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the components with an independent production of the products for making this dish or to order in the restaurant.

And how many calories are in rolls? Depending on the incoming ingredients, it is not always the same.

Philadelphia calorie rolls

The classic recipe includes:

  • rice with the addition of vinegar,
  • seaweed nori,
  • salmon or salmon
  • philadelphia cheese ".

100 grams of this dish contain about 140 kcal. Food average value of this product: carbohydrates - 10 GR, proteins - 9 GR, fats - 6 grams.In restaurants, visitors offer servings of 200 grams.

Calorie Rollers "California"

Feature twisting of this kind - Rice is on top and sprinkled with sesame seeds or caviar. Required Ingredients:

The calorie content of this species is estimated at 220 kcal per 100 g. Knowing the weight of the plate, the cafe visitor can easily calculate the feederness of the proposed part.

Rolls with cucumber

It is extremely low in calories. Total 100 kcal per 100 g. Such a simple combination of products can choose for yourself who do not like fish. The only filling is cucumber. Sometimes with the addition of a small number of sesame seeds. This is the perfect option for those looking to lose weight.

Calorie roll with salmon

Another simple variety of this product with stuffing from fish. It's pretty simple to prepare: the chilled rice is laid out on the nori sheet, and pieces of salmon are evenly distributed. Then it is necessary to finish off all the ingredients and cut into equal pieces with a sharp knife. The average calorie content of 100 gram sections is 120 kcal. Such small portions are not offered to visitors in restaurants. The standard weight of the final product is 180 grams.

Calorie sprinkler

This product sells McDonald's restaurants. Its main ingredient is a large shrimp. It's especially embarrassing and fried in a cereal, combine with fresh greens and wrap in lavash. Fast food restaurants sell food to satisfy the snack. Therefore, the calorie content of such a bowl is high. A small part contains more than 300 kcal.

Table of calorie rollers

Useful or harmful?

Seaweed nori are low in calories and contain many useful substances: iron, calcium and iodine. These minerals are essential for the work of the circulatory system and strengthen bones. The product helps fight atherosclerosis and cancer. Nori contains 9.5 kcal in one sheet.

Avocado contributes to the rejuvenation of the body, slimming and splitting in the blood of the cholesterol level. Soy sauce helps to strengthen vessels and nervous system. Vasabi is a good antiseptic, has antibacterial properties. Ginger has immune-stimulating action.

Due to the useful properties of the components of the ingredients, rollers are an excellent product for reducing weight, preventing oncological diseases and strengthening the activity of the entire body.

Japanese cuisine is dangerous

Achieve maximum benefit When using rollers, keep these tips in mind:

Order rolls better in proven locations. You can easily prepare their houses. All the necessary ingredients are sold in specialized stores. A homemade plate made from proven products is safe and useful when consumed by small portions when possible.