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The Vidmate app is a powerful video downloader that saves films from portals such as YouTube to your mobile phone with one click.

Download videos with the VidMate app

The developers have already integrated the popular video portals into the VidMate app. You can browse for new titles on YouTube and Co. or search all channels for a specific title using the free text field. In addition, categories like Top site, Movie, Music, Tv show and Discover direct access to the desired title. If the right clip or film has been found, just click and the download will start. If available, the films can be downloaded in HD or a lower resolution. If you want, you can only download songs from Youtube and Co. All downloaded titles can be accessed and played from the library. The operation is very easy, only the advertisements can occasionally be a bit annoying.

Download the VidMate APK

Thanks to APK (A.ndroid Package) can also be installed without the Google Play Store apps. However, before installing an APK you have to go to the menu item Settings and security the option Unknown sources to be activated. Then call up the APK in the corresponding download folder of the Android phone and install it with one click.

Is it legal to download videos?

After various warning procedures against users of file sharing sites, many worry that they will face a hefty fine even after downloading videos. In fact, using the VidMate app puts you in a legal gray area. According to Section 53, Paragraphs 1 - 3 of the German Copyright Act, copies of legal templates may be made for private - i.e. non-commercial or public - use. On the one hand, this means that the copy must neither be made available to third parties nor, for example, be used at work. In addition, the template for the copy - i.e. the film or video - must come from a source that is not an obviously illegally produced template. With YouTube, users can assume that it is a legal portal; However, this is not the case with streaming services such as Kinox.to & Co. Another point is that most portals prohibit the download of the content they have made available in their terms of use. Users should therefore think carefully beforehand whether they really want to download the latest film onto their cell phone.


  • Good search function
  • Numerous channels

Conclusion from Anna K. to VidMate

The VidMate HD Video Converter for download finds numerous current films and songs. Searching for and downloading the titles is very easy, but users of the tool find themselves in a legal gray area.

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