Can the Indian economy overtake the US economy?

India's economy will overtake the US by 2040

Dear readers, the age of western economic dominance is coming to an end. While the Americans under Donald Trump are rediscovering nationalist protectionism, Asia is fighting its way to the top of the world economy. Within a generation, the balance of power is likely to be very different from what it is today. This is shown by the study "The World in 2050", which the consulting firm PwC presented this week.

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The ten largest economies in the world - measured in terms of gross domestic product calculated according to purchasing power parities - then include six countries that we see as emerging markets today: China and India are at the top, followed by the USA. China alone is expected to represent 20 percent of global economic output in the future. Indonesia follows in fourth place. In addition to Brazil and Russia, Mexico also made it into the top 10. Germany fell from fifth to ninth.

According to the study, Indians will already outperform the United States' economic performance adjusted for purchasing power by 2040. Investors are already placing higher hopes in the country than they are in Trump's America: The subcontinent is already clearly behind the United States in terms of foreign direct investment.

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