How old is still young

Why you are NEVER too old or too young to have a happy life.

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"As long as you are still young, you should travel."
"If I were 20 years younger - THEN I would start all over again."
"Oh, come to my age first - then you will see that a lot in life is not so easy."
"After all, I'll be 35 soon - slowly I should have a partner / a family / a house."


I am sure you have heard some of these blanket statements before, or perhaps even thought about it yourself.
These unofficial standards sit deep - and all they do is narrow your horizons, narrow your view, and best of all, pigeonhole you.

"Oh, 20 years old?
Well, then you don't know too much about life yet. "

"Oh, already 60?
Well, certainly a bit tricky. "

Oh really?

Today I will show you that this is all a big lie.


Our society is extremely geared towards the youth:
What is young is beautiful.
What's young is hip.
What is young is admirable and desirable.
Whatever is young, all chances are open to it.

This view is extremely superficial and above all short-sighted - and above all: IT'S NOT TRUE!

A radiance of love and joy makes absolutely every person beautiful - regardless of age group.
The older you are, the more your inside strikes the outside - so you automatically increase in beauty as you get older, if your inside is beautiful.

Every year of your life is precious:
the years between 20-30 are no more important than those between 50-60-70!
And even if you are 70: you can easily have 20 years ahead of you.

Who says you can't start all over again ?!

Who can convince you that as an older person you can't start something great, turn your life around, realize a business idea, write a bestseller, find a new partner, found a children's home, open a gallery and live your dream?

"But Joanna, I have no geeeeld ..."
You see: if it's the money, then it's NOT the age!

I'll tell you 2 secrets:

1. The money is NEVER the problem.

The money always goes to a project, never the other way around.
You will never make money (unless you inherit it, congratulations!) - if you don't just GET STARTED.
And take first steps that lead in the direction of what you really want.

Sowing and harvesting.
Sowing and harvesting.

First you see (your time, work, ideas, resources), and only then do you reap (money, success, security).
Not the other way around.

And the 2nd secret:

2. The world needs older people.

Contrary to what you may have already experienced yourself:
you are urgently needed!

Where are the bloggers showing how older women dress in style?
Or organize your household superbly - simply because you already have so much experience in it yourself and the others don't have to reinvent the wheel every time?
Or report from your boss's everyday business life in order to help others?

What prevents older people from starting a business?
Did you know that at the age of 44, Sam Walton founded Walmart - the world's most successful supermarket chain that made his family the wealthiest in the world?

Did you know that Harald Sanders worked for many years as a stoker at the railroad, as an insurance agent, for a ferry company and in countless other jobs - before he started making chicken in his apartment at the age of 40 that he, because of the opened a restaurant in great demand.
Today there are around 20,000 of his restaurants worldwide - under the name Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).

Or how about the story of the single mother who lived on welfare and wrote a book at the age of 31 that was rejected again and again by publishers?
Joanne K. Rowling is the author of the Harry Potter franchise and is considered the richest woman in England with an estimated $ 1 billion fortune.

It doesn't have to be world domination:
How nice would it be if an older woman would come by now and then, take part in the everyday life of a young family, and now and then bake her secret recipe - baking sheet cakes?
Or paint a picture with the children on a canvas - or whatever else you have fun?
How many young mothers would be happy to receive this kind of support?
How much could she inspire, encourage and relieve the woman - and at the same time build up an additional income?

The day before yesterday I met a woman who happened to be in line at the ice cream parlor in front of me.
We started talking, sat down together on a park bench, talked animatedly, laughed a lot, and only reluctantly broke up 3 hours later.
The lady is 92 years old, always on the go, full of zest for life and energy - and I could write a whole post about the "things for life" that she told me, they were so good!

What I mean by that:
NOTHING can hold you back from starting something new or kicking off with a good idea if you only want to.
Nobody can stop you from traveling the world, starting something new, quitting the job that does not make you happy, or experiencing what you have always dreamed of - you have all chances and possibilities, even beyond the age of 40 , 50 and 60!

You are able to overcome the negative experiences of the past, leave them behind, and develop your potential - and you still have soooo many years to do it!

No matter how many times you have failed or fallen on your face, and NO MATTER HOW OLD YOU ARE:
right now you can ask yourself: "What do I actually want to be when I grow up?"
You can start something completely new today.

You can still take the first step today - the step into a wonderful, fulfilled future.
You are NOT TOO OLD!
You have all options!

"But what if it doesn't work?"
If you don't even try it, it will definitely not work!
If you try, however, I assure you one thing: you are guaranteed to experience something new!

Better to start something 10 times, fall flat on your face and learn from it, than die stupid.


I know a lot of girls and young women read my blog.
And I can only say one thing about that:

Nothing better can happen to you than to invest in yourself, to soak yourself up with love energy like a sponge, and not even bother with all the crap that others have been in for decades.

I'll show you how to live bigger, think differently, how to love and thus overcome everything bad, how to be successful without having to fight.
I'll show you a new, different way: the way of love - the way beyond everything else!

Even if certain character traits are attributed to certain age groups, the truth is:
With age, you don't automatically get more mature or stronger.
There is only one thing you get with age: older.
And if you don't live love: more bitter.

You only become more mature through love and - sorry I am, but it's true: through difficulties and challenges and overcoming them.
Love makes your view clear, makes yourself stronger day by day, it keeps your motivation pure, and keeps your heart fresh and light.

So if an elderly person gives you advice, ask yourself: is that advice inspiring?
Does it enlarge my horizons?
Does it actually help me, does it inspire me, does it open up perspectives for me?
If the answer to all of these questions is "no," then I would make good decisions about continuing to listen to him.
Not ALL older people are rich in experience - some have just spent decades in their comfort zone, never experienced anything because they didn't trust themselves, and nothing they give you will get you anywhere in life.

But you are young and this world is open to you!
It is NEVER too early to dream big and act big!

When 8-year-old Willa Doss couldn't find any non-kitschy organic care products for her age, she created an organic beauty care line with a simple design: today she is 13 years old, wears braces and is a millionaire.

The 15-year-old publisher Jasmin Jordan regularly publishes a magazine for young entrepreneurs with a circulation of 16,000.

Never think that the best things are already "gone" and that it used to be easy to be happy and successful - that's not true!
There will be new ways and possibilities for you!
Always enough of it.

Young people who know love are the greatest sources of inspiration ever!
You are creative and carefree (and do not think: "What could happen!"), Full of energy and strength - and together with the experienced elders an unbeatable team!

Therefore do not let yourself be unsettled if others do not take you seriously or smile at you because of your young age (even if it is your own family!) - listen to your heart, stay in love, and always go one step further!

Do not let yourself be limited or slowed down - dream as big and as wild as you can and fill yourself with love as much as you can!

Finally, I'll tell you a secret:
life is no fight, no routine, and no hamster wheel -
life is a wonderful playground and you can play whatever you want on it!


Love greetings