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German Exercises B1 intermediate

Rule: according to certain articles, the adjectives in the dative, genitive and plural always have the ending -en. Nominative singular -e, accusative masculine -e, fem. And neuter -e.

masculine (noun)feminineneutralPlural (pl)
the red ball the red flower the red car the red flowers
the red ball the red flower the red car the red flowers
the red ball the red flower the red car the red flowers
of the red ball the red flower of the red car of red flowers

a) nominative
the warm_ weather,
the new_ apartment,
the big_ garden,
the little children
the old_ house
the white_ cloud
the green__ leaves

b) dative
with the new__ car
since last __ year
with the good__ friend
in the big apartment
to the old__ people

c) genitive
the beginning of the new___ year
the beauty of the Italian__ language
the help of the good friend
the color of the little houses

d) accusative
I think of the nice colleague.
I see the white cloud.
He is looking for the blue ballpoint pen.
We drink the black tea.
Did you buy the expensive cell phone?
Please give me the red__ shoes!
I hear the soft music.
She buys the light blue__ dress.
I love the high mountains.

e) dative / accusative
We live with the good friend.
He buys the new___ television.
Do you know the pretty woman at the checkout?
He gives flowers to the rich lady.
She goes to her best friend.
I ask the friendly gentleman at the bus stop.
He tells a fairy tale to the small children.
We visit the old people in the village.
I'm helping the sick uncle.
She sees the blue house

Solutions a) -e, -e, -e, -en, -e, -e, -en b) -en, -en, -en, -en, -en c) -en, -en, -en, -en d) -e, -e, -en, -en, -e, -en, -e, -e, -en e) -en, -en, -e, -en, -en, -en, -en, -en, -en, -e

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