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Men's jeans for every figure!

Finding the right men's jeans can be difficult at times. Since men often do not exhaust all of their options and simply pick up the model that they have always had, they miss out on many cool styles. If you don't try anything, you will miss the best and if you don't dare to buy another pair of jeans, you will almost always look the same.

But that need not be. You can discover so many models, fits and cuts that you don't always have to go for the same pants. Even if you like it, you just have to try something different. Anything else would be really boring in the long run, wouldn't it?

So now other jeans than the standard models that you usually have, should find their way into your closet. We know you often find it difficult to do so, but we make the choice a lot easier for you. First of all, it is important that you get a brief overview of the men's jeans situation: Which fits are there and which cuts are currently in fashion?

On the one hand, slim fit jeans and regular fit jeans are currently scoring points, on the other hand there are loose fit jeans and denim shorts, which are becoming increasingly popular among men's jeans. But bootcut jeans and comfort fits also want to be seen and worn and so it is admittedly a bit too much at once.

But now you don't just wear the same men's jeans as usual! Instead, we will first show you the different models and introduce them to you. This makes the whole thing a little clearer. Slim fit jeans are tight jeans, also known as skinny jeans and skinny jeans. Regular fit jeans can convince with a normal, comfortable cut and fit. They usually work for every man and body type.

Loose fit jeans have a very loose and casual cut, denim shorts are available in all imaginable variations, so you can choose whether you like it tight or casual. Bootcut jeans are the men's jeans with flared legs and comfort fits are incredibly comfortable and look that way.

But which men's jeans are currently particularly popular with men? And which jeans actually fit the figure you have? We will answer these questions and much more today. We'll take a look at the complete look and tell you how you can style your outfit perfectly. Curtain up for the new men's jeans!

Which men's jeans have which cut?

Men's jeans usually just look comfortable. Casual is very important, unless the jeans are to be used for a special purpose that is not so easy to equip. Then it can also be an elegant, black slim fit jeans. Confused enough though. Today we want to explain to you what cuts there are exactly in men's jeans, so that you can finally get an overview of the models.

We start with the Slim fit jeansthat have become more and more important in men's fashion. When the first skinny jeans hit the market, they were made exclusively for men. Rock stars wanted their figure to be shown to their best advantage on stage and gave the order to create tight jeans. But a few years later they were discovered by the ladies and so no man dared to go near the tight pants.

That changes now this year as the designers felt it was time to put men back in tight jeans. So the trend for slim fit jeans for men was born again. At first you didn't like the pants at all and just ignored them. But now they are seen more and more often in the streets.

The designers are based on the skinny jeans for women, which are now also being launched on the market as men's jeans. Slim fit jeans have a tight cut that is kept tight from top to bottom. It sits skin-tight from the hip to the foot and does not expand on the leg either.

A proportion of stretch in the tight jeans is important so that you can get in and move around easily. Without some stretch, this type of jeans would be almost impossible to wear. With stretch you can make any movement you want and the pants are also comfortable.

But for whom are these men's jeans suitable? Similar to women, it makes sense that mostly slim women wear these pants. She looks best on slim and normally built men. If you are a little stronger, these pants are not for you. She has a tendency to apply something and you certainly don't want that.

If you don't like it that tight, you can also opt for skinny jeans. They are cut similarly to skinny jeans, but they are not as bulky and do not fit as tightly. This means that stronger men can also use it. By the way, very important: the pants lie on the shoes and are not worn over them. So you don't have to pull it all the way down to the floor.

The second pair of jeans we look at are regular fit jeans. Regular Fit means something like normal fit in German and that's what you get: normal jeans that are straight cut and that can be used wherever you want them to be. It is a great all-rounder that is ideal for everyday use, but also for special situations.

The Regular fit jeans is the most straightforward men's jeans ever. It is completely straight from top to bottom. It goes straight down from the waistband to the hem. Any man with any figure can wear this type of pants. So it's a real pair of men's jeans. Because of their straight cut, jeans look different for every man. Depending on how your figure looks, this jeans shape is tighter or wider and it can always look different.

Regular fit jeans are an absolute classic in the wardrobe and convince across the board. In stores they can be found under the term straight leg jeans, as they are characterized by a straight leg. Regular fits fit every situation and so you can wear them on noble occasions in dark colors and in different shades of blue with a used look in everyday life.

Other men's jeans highlights: loose fit jeans & men's shorts

Next, let's take a look at those Loose fit jeansbecause it is so popular and widespread among men. This trouser cut has been inspiring men for years and so it is no surprise that you often run around with casual, loose trousers that look quite casual. Loose Fit means something like loose and loose in German, so that it quickly becomes clear why the trousers have this name. It owes it to its loose fit, which is super comfortable.

So if you want casual jeans, these pants are exactly the right place for you. Loose fit jeans are some of the loosest jeans ever. No other type of pants can compete with them. The jeans are cut loosely from top to bottom. It has straight legs, a comfortable foot width and a foot that is not too narrow.

With its comfortable shape, it fits normal and strong men best, but can be worn by everyone. Loose fit jeans are probably better known to you as baggy pants. The pants from the 90s, which were worn by young people on the hips (and sooooo much below), are just gaining in popularity again. Today the shape can score again, but is no longer as pronounced as it was in the 90s.

Last but not least, let's take a look at the men's shorts. In summer they are widespread and come in all imaginable variations. The problem that men don't want to show their legs doesn't seem to be that common anymore, because more and more men dare to wear shorts and Bermuda shorts.

They can be seen everywhere, especially in summer. The loose, casual look of the shorts is available in many variants and so there is something for everyone. The most common are skater fits, cargo shorts with pockets and chino shorts that look just like the long chinos you like.

Are there Men's shorts a great all-rounder that can be used on various occasions in your free time. When it is warm, they are used and ensure a casual look. There are colors to be seen, but also washes. From used looks and destroyed looks to dark denim and raw denim, everything is included.

But the best thing is that jean shorts suit every man and you can choose any model. Wonderfully simple!

But how do you best style your men's jeans?

The simplest combination you can imagine is jeans and a t-shirt. It almost doesn't matter which jeans and which T-shirt, because you have both in heaps in your closet. But the combination of sweater and jeans is also very easy. You also have enough sweaters in your closet.

But somehow you have to admit that the whole thing is a little too simple, too equal and at some point too boring, right? Of course you stay safe with this outfit, but you won't win any prizes or attention. But since you don't want your combinations to look strange, you don't even try and that's not good.

So that your looks don't end up in chaos, we're giving you a few styling tips today. You don't always have to rely on the most exciting men's jeans. It is only important that you find the right one for you and that you wear it.

Often bought jeans just end up in the closet and are never worn again after buying them. They are simply too good for that, so it's best to look for a classic model that you can wear with a T-shirt, but also with a man's shirt and jacket.

In general, you should take jeans one size smaller when you buy them, as they can wear out a bit later. But you shouldn't wash them too hot, because otherwise the pants may actually shrink and be too small as a result. It should be just 30 degrees.

If you've chosen pants that are too big, that's no problem, because there are belts, after all. A belt also shows how style-conscious you are and so you can integrate it wonderfully into your outfit. But the belt should be brown or black, because then it can be used anywhere and fits every occasion.

It shouldn't be too narrow or too wide, but it should serve its purpose. The belt buckle can be whatever you like. However, you should choose a subtle one for festive occasions or at work so that it does not stand out too much.