Is your kitchen clean

The ultimate cleaning plan for a clean kitchen

Your kitchen is the center of your home. And with all the comings and goings, it's especially important to keep the kitchen clean on a regular basis. It's a place where the whole family comes together, so it's not just up to mom and dad to keep them clean. These instructions show you how to clean the kitchen properly - including floors, surfaces and cabinets - and give tips on how you can motivate your children to help clean the kitchen.

1. Have your cleaning supplies ready before you clean the kitchen

Make sure you have everything you need to properly clean the kitchen. Prepare cleaning supplies, the mop, cleaning sponges, and kitchen towels, clear the countertops, and fill the sink with hot, soapy water to soak whatever may need. Now is the best time to spray the oven and stove with a cleaning spray and let them soak while you get on with the rest.

2. Start at the top

Whether you want to clean a high-gloss kitchen or just want to do something good for your kitchen, you should clean it from top to bottom. Wipe the wall cabinets down first. Dust and crumbs can fall down and get stuck on the lower cabinets. That's okay, even if you're cleaning your high-gloss kitchen, where every speck of dust is uncomfortable. Because you will come to the lower cabinets later. First, dust off, then use an all-purpose cleaner to wipe down the cabinets.

3. Clean the cabinets all over the kitchen

If you want to clean the cupboards in the kitchen, you will be all the faster if the children join in. Put everything from the cupboards on the kitchen table. Here the little ones can simply wipe off sticky jam jars and other things with a damp household towel. Meanwhile, you can wipe the shelves.


The easiest way to keep your clean kitchen tidy after you've cleaned it is to wipe surfaces down every now and then. Always keep a roll of household towels such as Plenty handy. Plenty is very absorbent and therefore ideal for mopping up spills.

4. Clean the refrigerator

Now it's time to wipe out the refrigerator. Throw old groceries in the trash and put the rest on the kitchen counter (you guessed it - the little ones are allowed to wipe it off). Use a household towel to wipe the sides, bottom, top, doors, compartments, and drawers. Take extra care to wipe away any leftover food or stains, and put the food back in.

5. Clean the kitchen work surfaces

Cleaning the work surfaces is quick and easy. Just make sure the cleaning agent is suitable for your surfaces, especially if you're cleaning a glossy kitchen, as the wrong cleaning agent can dull it. Try it out on a small area first. Then spray the agent over a large area and use a soft cleaning sponge or a piece of damp household cloth to wipe off grease and dirt in circular movements. Very easily!

6. Clean the lower kitchen cabinets

Proceed in the same way when cleaning the base cabinets as you did with the wall cabinets. Wipe crumbs and dust on the floor. Unused or broken kitchen utensils can either be thrown away or better donated to a good cause.

7. Clean the stove and oven

Now the clean kitchen is almost perfect - the cupboards, the refrigerator and the surfaces are already shiny - all that's missing is the stove and oven. The cleaning spray has done the toughest part of this job for you, so all you need to do is wipe it off and scrub away a stubborn stain or two.


If you want to clean particularly greasy or sticky areas, save on cleaning sponges by using a strong household cloth. Plenty is tough enough to scrub even when it's wet.

8. Drain the water from the sink

You are almost there! Before cleaning the kitchen floor, drain the water from the sink and scrub it thoroughly. Also, clean and polish the faucet and drainer.

9. Mop the floor

The last thing is the kitchen floor. Vacuum up the dust and crumbs that accumulate while cleaning the kitchen, and use a suitable floor cleaner to mop the floor.

How often should you clean your kitchen?

You can use this plan to clean your kitchen really well. This is how often you should clean the individual areas:

  • Every day: Wipe work surfaces, wipe sinks and vacuum floors
  • Weekly: Muck out the refrigerator, mop the floor, scrub the sink and stove
  • Once a month