Are you lying to your parents?

Translation of "your parents say" in spanish

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In reading and writing, like us your parents say.
Because it your parents say and because it's tradition.
You would have your parents say should before they are eaten.
Debiste tener esta conversación con tus padres antes de que se los comieran.
Might be me your parents say, - what do you like to eat?
Lily, you have your parents say hear that you are going to hurt you?
They asked: "Are you not afraid of what your parents say?"
Your parents saythat you keep lying.
Your parents saythat you keep lying.
Your parents say, you play 18 hours a day on the PC.
Your parents saythat he is real because they love you.
Your parents saythat you would be better!
Your parents say, you can go, but you don't want to or ...
¿A tus papás no les importa, pero tú no quieres ...?
! What would your parents say?
Your parents say, it's time to go home, but you're not ready.
Y tus padres dicen que ya es hora de volver a casa pero tu no estás lista aún sólo quieres subir a otro juego pero ya no puedes.
What you or your parents say, wouldn't change that.
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