You can leave Dubai without a passport

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What should I do if no entry or exit stamp was affixed to my passport when crossing the border?

It is recommended that a border inspection stamp be affixed to the travel document every time you cross a border.

In accordance with Art. 12 (1) of Regulation (EC) No. 562/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council (Schengen Borders Code), the competent national authorities can assume that the holder of the travel document does not have the entry or exit stamp Member State concerned is not or is no longer met

According to Art. 12 (2), the assumption according to Paragraph 1 can be refuted by a third-country national by any credible evidence, in particular by supporting documents such as proof of transport or evidence of his presence outside the territory of the Member States, from which it emerges that he meets the requirements with regard to has complied with the duration of a short-term stay.

In the absence of a border control stamp in the travel document, the competent authorities can add the date and place of the border crossing retrospectively in accordance with their national laws and practices, provided appropriate evidence is presented. Boarding passes, hotel bookings, hotel bills, other receipts, etc. can be presented as credible evidence.

If, during your stay in the Schengen area or after leaving the Schengen area, you discover that your passport is missing an entry or exit stamp, please keep your above mentioned. Proof. The next time you cross the border, you can contact the responsible border officer by submitting the above-mentioned evidence so that the missing information about your previous border crossing is subsequently entered in your travel document.

If you are unable to provide evidence, it is generally assumed that you have exceeded the permitted period of stay, which can lead to repatriation or rejection in future trips.

Please note that adding a stamp to the travel document at a later date can take a little more time than the usual passport control at the border and take this into account when planning your next trip.

If there is no entry or exit stamp in the passport, can I contact the embassy so that they can confirm my departure from the Schengen area?

No. The embassy is not responsible for confirming the departure or for adding a border control stamp to the travel document.