What surprised you in your office today

The corona pandemic has drastically changed everyday work. Porsche reacts to this with a surprising home office plan.

The corona pandemic has turned the everyday life of many Germans upside down. This also applies to everyday work; instead of working with colleagues in the open-plan office, many employees went to work from home. There is still no legal right to work from home, but that is now changing at Porsche.

The sports car manufacturer from Zuffenhausen will enable its employees to work twelve days per month on the move. According to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) agreed. “It is important to us that we have highly motivated employees,” says Porsche HR Director Andreas Haffner, explaining the move. That would not be necessary, however, because Porsche is already shining in an employer ranking.

Porsche: Employees can work where they want - home office is not a permanent option

The limitation to twelve days is related to a demand from the works council, which had called for a constant change between working in the office and working from home. "We don't want you not to see each other for months," emphasized the Porsche works council chairman Werner Weresch in the FAZ.

In order to enable its employees to work from home, Porsche - in addition to a generous salary - provides a technology package. This also includes a large screen. Those who submit a certificate also receive an ergonomic chair. “Every employee can work when, where and how he wants - always within the framework of the operational and legal agreements and as long as the work result is correct. He can sit in a holiday home in Upper Bavaria or in a café, we don't really care, ”emphasizes Haffner.

Porsche: Due to the right to work from home for employees - office space is to be reduced

The Porsche board also makes it clear that the home office will not be compulsory: “Anyone can come every day.” In the future, however, there will no longer be a right to have their own desk. "In the first step we will reduce the office space by 20 percent," said Häffner FAZ.

But how do the Porsche employees then know whether there is a vacancy in the company? A digital plan should help with this, with the help of which employees can find a suitable job. Haffner expects, however, that on average every third person will work mobile. Therefore, the capacity is to be reduced to such an extent that by 2025 there will only be a classic desk available for 60 percent of employees. Porsche also wants to create temporary jobs. However, the home office regulation only applies to the employees of Porsche AG, negotiations are still underway at the subsidiaries.

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