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Roger ™ technology

Roger can help you improve your hearing in challenging listening situations such as restaurants, business meetings and school.

Improved hearing performance in noisy environments and over distance1

31% of hearing aid users say they have difficulties in noisy environments2. Roger Wireless technology was developed for precisely these situations.


Transferred directly to hearing aids

RogerDirect is a market innovation from Phonak, with which Roger microphones can be streamed directly to the hearing aids. After a simple installation of the receivers in the hearing aids by your hearing care professional, you can enjoy the unique performance of Roger without having to attach an external receiver.1


Improvement of speech intelligibility

With the help of the Roger microphone, the noise level in the environment is continuously measured and the volume of the microphone is automatically adjusted. When the noise level increases, Roger technology increases the volume of the speaker's voice so that it remains audible despite the background noise. With Roger technology, hearing aid wearers understand almost 10 times better in noisy environments and over a distance than people with normal hearing.1


Improving the listening experience in groups

With the MultiBeam technology you will experience outstanding speech intelligibility in group conversations. For this purpose, speech signals are picked up by several integrated microphones from six directions and thus from a radius of 360 degrees. The clearest voice signal is automatically selected, regardless of the direction from which it comes. Improves speech intelligibility in a group conversation in loud background noise by up to 61%.3


Hear several speakers equally well

The MultiTalker network is unique to Roger and allows multiple Roger microphones to be used fully automatically, so that you have access to multiple speakers in every situation.


Roger microphones for every situation

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