What books should every man read?

Books Tips: A man should have read these books

Sunzi: The Art of War (ca.500 BC)
Classics of the art of war. The sentences of the Chinese general and philosopher Sunzi are timeless; in the career battle as in the battle of the sexes.

Esther Vilar: The Trained Man (1971)
Polemic against the women who exploit the men: In the seventies, at the height of the women's movement, Vilar simply turned the tables. And wrote down ideas that are still debatable today.

Richard Ford: The Sports Reporter (1986)
First part of the big trilogy about the sports journalist Frank Bascombe, whose supposed average life is shaken by the real average life.

T. C. Boyle: Water Music (1982)
The journey of the Scottish adventurer Mungo Park, who was the first white man in the 18th century to explore the course of the Niger and become a man in the process, is hilarious and absurd.

Peter Wagner: Steaks. Masterpieces for Men (2014)
When nothing else works. To being anarchist. To show off. As a consolation. To kneel. To hit.

John Niven: God forbid (2011)
God no longer feels like looking at what his malevolent little creatures are doing. He wants to close the shop - but his son Jesus, who smokes grass, offers to take another look at everything down there. My God, how terrific!

Keigo Higashino: My link text"> Suspicious Lovers (2005)
The mathematician Ishigami loves his beautiful neighbor who has committed murder. He saves her from her punishment through a feint labyrinth. Highly complex thriller full of wisdom and impact: How far is a man willing to go for love?

Douglas Adams: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (1979–1992)
Science fiction satire with cult status. The answer is: 42.