Cops ever get rich

Police arrest "Reichsbürger"

"That was Hollywood-ripe," reports a resident, what happened on Wednesday morning in Hofheimer Johannisstrasse. Police officers arrested a suspected "Reichsbürger" in the street who apparently lives in the Haßberge district. The background to the action is not yet known.

Another local resident reported that a police vehicle had positioned itself across the road. Apparently such a blue Audi A 6 should be stopped. This then happened. Another police vehicle was added. The patrol officers, who wore bulletproof vests, tried to get the driver of the vehicle to get out. This initially refused. It took a few minutes before the man was finally arrested and handcuffed away.

conspiracy theories

The conspiracy theories of the Reich Citizens Movement assume that the German Reich continues to exist independently of the Federal Republic of Germany in terms of international law, since the Weimar Constitution was never abolished by either the National Socialists or the Allied victorious powers of World War II.

The self-proclaimed “Reich Citizens” - often people from the right-wing extremist spectrum - see the Federal Republic as non-existent in their crude worldview. Because the German Reich continues to exist in a legally valid manner, the Federal Republic of Germany is only a GmbH.

Therefore, these people do not accept any state organs or actions, in particular no police or other regulatory authorities. The two license plates on the detainee's Audi A 6 had been tampered with.

The circle with the stars of the European Union was scratched off above the nationality code “D”. Instead, there were stickers with the flag of the German Reich. In addition to the rear number plate, the law enforcement officers were warned with another sticker to issue a ticket. He does not recognize the ineffective law on administrative offenses anyway and therefore treat a ticket as coercion, it says on the sticker.

The police did not want to provide any information on Wednesday about the details of the arrest. Just this much: The arrested person was taken to the Bamberg correctional facility. Which offenses the "Reichsbürger" is accused of besides falsifying the license plates will only be announced on Thursday.

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