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Fat killer stair climbing - losing weight is so easy!

Fat Burner Workout Climbing Stairs - Hard But Effective!

You can't kill calories without a gym and equipment? Oh yes and how! At the top of the list of calorie killers is climbing stairs. When you climb stairs you not only improve your fitness, stamina and get your cardiovascular system going. You burn a lot of calories and thus also reduce your hip circumference. If you now incorporate the whole thing as a workout into your outdoor sports unit, you can finally say bye bye to nasty love handles. In this article you will find out what this workout looks like and how you can lose weight in everyday life by climbing stairs.

Cracking love handles with the stair run workout

Did you know that walking upstairs can burn twice as many calories as jogging? In just 20 minutes, there are up to 320 calories in it. One more reason to incorporate climbing stairs into your outdoor workout. And because the weather is slowly setting its pointers to summer, there is no longer any excuse not to snap up your running shoes and move your workout outside.

Even when walking normally you will notice how fast your heart is racing and you are running out of breath. This is because you get your cardiovascular system going properly with it. In addition, the muscles have to work quite well, because walking upstairs mainly puts pressure on the forefoot. In addition, we do not use our strength to take a step forward as usual, but push ourselves upwards, which requires even more muscle strength. This will be Above all, buttocks, thighs and calves are used even more intensely than when jogging.

In order to burn as many calories as possible, you cannot of course just walk slowly up the stairs. The pace, direction and intensity must be varied to burn up to 320 calories in 20 minutes.

Your stair climbing fat killer workout

As a warm-up, for example, you can initially walk up and down the stairs at a calm pace. In the next cycle you can then use your Train the buttocks muscles by only taking every second step when walking up and down. Next you bring some speed into the matter and run the stairs as fast as you can up and down slowly. To add some variety, you can then run up the stairs to the side. But be careful: don't stumble! If you run through the following sequence for 20 minutes, your metabolism really gets going and burns a lot of calories:


4 minutes warm up:

Up the stairs - easy jogging

To go downstairs


4 minutes of HIIT Cardio Power:

Up the stairs - sprint up as fast as you can

Down the stairs - easy jogging


4 minutes of strength for the buttocks and thighs:

Up the stairs - take big, strong steps up every 3rd step

Down the stairs - easy jogging


4 minutes HIIT Cardio Speed:

Up the stairs - take small steps as fast as you can

Down the stairs - take small steps down as fast as you can


4 minutes cool down:

 Stretching for legs, buttocks and thighs

Running stairs in everyday life - it's worth it!

In fact, you don't always have to do a strenuous stair workout to melt your love handles. It is enough if you consistently swap the elevator for the stairs in everyday life. Climbing stairs is super easy to integrate into everyday life and is a great workout that trains endurance and leg muscles effectively. If you take about 400 steps a day, this corresponds to about a 15-minute jogging unit. So you see, sometimes the little things already make a big difference!

Consistent walking up the stairs is already the first step towards a summer figure. Regular and varied training is important to support the effect. Are you still looking for the right workout? Then start your free trial week today and try our sweaty workouts and delicious recipes that will get you fit for the summer.


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