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Slutshaming - Sinan-G makes fun of Shirin David

Shirin David

Shirin David is known for regularly campaigning for women's rights with her voice. She sees herself as a feminist and speaks out openly that women should not be trapped in traditional role models, but should live according to their own ideas.

Most recently, the 25-year-old had a public exchange of blows with Bonez MC, who wrote in a very generalized statement that women “can't nowadays” and should rather learn to play chess in order to make themselves interesting instead of uploading revealing pictures on Instagram.


Now there is the next topic that Shirin addresses in public. In her story, she recently informed her fans about the subject of "slutshaming". Since almost half of her community is made up of men, she primarily wants to reach those groups of people who have never heard of the term and may have never thought about this problem:

“Slutshaming is a practice with which people, especially women and girls, are attacked and insulted who contradict the behavior and appearance expected by society in relation to sexuality. (...)

I am aware that many in my community have already dealt with this topic - especially girls / women, as we are confronted with sex shaming comments almost every day. Still, 46% of my community are male and especially boys / men don't know what to do with this term. I would like to note here, however, that sl * t-shaming is practiced by both women and men.


Shortly after Shirin's statement, Sinan-G also turned out to be a great advocate of women's rights and spread the hashtag “Stopslutshaming” in his story. As we know the Essenes, he doesn't do the whole thing without a sarcastic undertone. So the rapper doesn't seem to take the subject as seriously as Shirin David.

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