Why are older women staring at me

Older women love me!

I think it sounds a little strange the way you describe it. As if you're pretty sure of yourself and some just don't like it at all. To be honest, I wouldn't want a friend who somehow feels so super great and is totally conceited. I do think that maybe it could be because of that. There are many young and pretty girls who are too shy to speak to such a boy and they may be afraid that they will not be enough for him when he comes across as conceited and is convinced of himself.

Older women might be more into it because they already have more experience and for them it is more of a game to see whether the "little one" can do it, or at least that is how I would see it.

Unfortunately, you don't write how old you are now, so it's very difficult to guess something. Whether you are pretty or not is certainly in the eye of the beholder. But I don't think that the younger ones think you are that great and just think that you are not a relationship type. Because there are a lot of women, especially young women, who simply think of themselves that they are always something special and will get you to do it.

Another reason would be that you might look more "manly" than your buddies. Because younger girls are more likely to like guys who look a bit younger and the older the woman, the more she likes angular face types, I've read it at least once.

In the end, only you can know and no one else can. Just enjoy the fact that you can end up with the older ones if it works so well for you and you are happy with it. But if you seem so arrogant in real life, it could also be because the younger ones think they can't stand you that long anyway and don't want to waste their time listening to your self-admiration .