Which company can the next google be

WiWo founder

When the start-up scene meets corporate groups: At the Noah conference, established and emerging companies exchanged ideas about what the next digital revolution could look like.

Berlin. Henrich Blase's nightmare is called Google. “Do you know why Google is such a problem?” Asked the founder of the comparison portal Check24 during his lecture at the Noah conference on Tuesday - and answered the question himself: The search engine makes platforms like his superfluous.

Bubble explains the problem with a simple example: travel platforms. In the past, the user found the comparison portal via Google. Today, the first hit is a comparison suggestion from the search engine itself. This means that Google is not only becoming a competitor for comparison portals. The company can also make a profit from the competition: "Google can simply raise the advertising prices for the largest ad," says Blase.

The US giant does not yet compare insurance companies in Germany. But Henrich Blase is certain that it will soon come that way. He doesn't yet know what will happen to Check24, his comparison portal.

The next "disruptor"

With its history, Henrich Blase acts as a kind of interface between start-up and established company: He stands at the forefront as a founder who himself has opened up a market - in his case: insurance. And he's ahead as a company whose market could be reopened by a new player. With Check24, he combines the two extremes of the conference, so to speak: young, ambitious start-ups like Kreditech, Babbel or Blablacar, who want to revolutionize their business model, and long-established corporations like Deutsche Bank, Lufthansa or Daimler, which are in danger of losing touch .

They all asked the same question at the Noah conference on Tuesday and Wednesday: which company will the next Google be? Around 2250 participants came to talk about the potential next "disruptor", as it is called in start-up German, of an industry.