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You still enjoyed Sunkist from impractical pyramids. A predominant pattern on your children's photos is checked. You remember that music that is labeled as alternative was actually alternative at one point or another. In the VW Beetle painted with flowers and clouds, you were only allowed to ride in the back. You've been frightening yourself lately by using words like you did then or in the past. You recently heard yourself say When I was your age ... You and your friends planned the huge reunion party for the turn of the millennium and Prince 1999 should be your anthem. Your uncle drove a Ford Taunus. Your father raved about the Opel Kapitän. You saw the first moon landing live on TV and you know who Aldrin was. You wanted to see TRON in theaters because you heard that no movie could ever have more advanced special effects. When you finally catch a station with decent music on the car radio, the song before the solo is faded out and you hear the jingle of an oldie station. You remember the federal election campaigns without Helmut Kohl. You know who J.R. shot. You know Coca Cola tasted better before the recipe was changed. You and three friends scraped together 5 marks and then we went to the pinball machine. The last ball in the last game was always played in pairs. Lights off, spot on! You can sing along to any song on The Wall. When you first kissed, Supertramp was running. You remember dark English TV series in funny colors like The Onedin Line or The House on Eaton Place. You used to have a pair of rainbow colored suspenders - like Mork's. Your first television set had seven program buttons, only three of which were occupied, and the first VCR in your family had a wired remote control. The video recorder cost DM 2999.95, was huge and difficult to lift, the slot for the cassette protruded from the top and although its technology was much better than VHS, two years later there were no more cassettes for it. Yps (with gimmick) and * PEZ * machines. Nothing weird to you about Ernie and Bert sharing an apartment. (Why, please, is Elmo in German Elma? Shouldn't Grobie be allowed to have a male friend too?) You remember black dial machines in telephone booths that were satisfied with two groschen. One word: Bonanzarad! When you were sent to fetch cigarettes for the first time, you left for two marks and there were still two groschen in the package. All rock bands in your Z had songs by von AC / DC in their repertoire. And the singer from AC / DC was called Bon Scott. The Atari CX-2600 game console was state-of-the-art. You know Plumpaquatsch and Hanni van Heiden and you haven't missed an episode "M for Meikel" with Meikel Katzengreis. You were the proud owner of a large collection of Cola gnawing pictures. You also owned a Panini Football World Cup scrapbook with misprints in it) Software exchange ran on 5.25 "floppy disks addressed with a four-digit zip code The hair was long; at least the ears were covered THE moped was a Kreidler foil; helmet was not compulsory. Those who didn't have a Flory had at least a Hercules M5. M4 was for girls. Whoever was IN wore a parka In winter a bobble hat protected your head The sign that you were a man was a mustache. Roller skates had a "roller" in front of the skate instead of an "inline" You were told that the Americans are very nice and the Russians very bad. It was also said that work is there to live, and not the other way around r you went to school, there was a rumor that had long since been refuted that with a good Abitur and subsequent studies, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING could be achieved. Hardly anyone talked about money, the internet wasn't even science fiction, and Captain Kirk was still in command of the Enterprise. Everything was different in America. Apparently you could watch TV there in the morning, and the programs would be interrupted for advertisements every few minutes. Incredible! On the radio, more airtime was used for music and information than for advertising, jingles and self-adulation. Traffic jams on motorways were the exception. Airbags? The seat belt was introduced and had to be tightened by hand. Headrests were a luxury and the cars were sky blue, okker, or gray. Snickers was wrapped in red paper. You ate Twix as a Raider Pong, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Donkey Kong - in that order. And Pacman. Shortly after "Rappers Delight" you are in a bridal shop because that was the only place where you got the white gloves to break one with Mr. Robot or the Rock Steady Crew. You saw the Beatles LIVE. Your turntable was your sanctuary. Can you remember the night of the moon landing. Know who was Federal Chancellor before Helmut Kohl and who sang "Up on the yellow car". You wonder what has become of the good taste of young people, you can no longer understand the world in view of today's charts and you long for bands like Tears for Fears, A-ha, Billy Idol, Queen, INXS, Simple Minds and David Bowie. You still know Treets-Schokoklicker, Ahoi Brause, the smiley faces-tatoo-chewing gum with the smell of baking agent, the long caramel-musquetier braids with pictures and the magic bar Caramac. Furthermore, Jolly, Berry (cheap), Grünofant, Cola Pop and Brown Bear were compulsory. You could still endure the television rebel Thomas Gottschalk when he moderated the third "video games" (ping pong presented in a colorful sweater and Adidas all-round by a long-haired man). When you see platform shoes and bell-bottoms, it doesn't necessarily seem very modern. You had a "Scout" satchel. You know who Rudi Dutschke and Baader Meinhof were. In summer you wear a red Che-Guevara T-shirt and in winter you wear a red / white or black / white Palestinian scarf with a parka (with detached sleeve badges). You still know the colorful flower stickers on PRIEL dishwasher bottles. You pulled out the zipper of your Levi's and had your grandma or girlfriend replace it with 3 buttons (grandma didn't understand! Oh man (schniiieeef) those were great times.

Answer 1 from Redschina

hey thomas,

why are you writing a thread about my year? ;-))

yes, I agree with you ... you think about some things (women too, at least I do now!).

the good taste of young people ... well, that's hard to judge! I think the opposite is actually the case! our kids have more on their chest than we do - m.e. more thoughtful and not so quick to influence.
ok - shouldn't be a generalization! but is my feeling.

the flower stickers * g *

levis and the zipper * laughs * although that was a shit effort!

the moon landing - i was allowed to stay up for the first time without any time restrictions ...

che-guevara-poster ... who didn't have it was NOTHING!

man, is that a thread ... really awesome! exception "scout" - there was a little longer ;-))

best regards, redschina

ps: if I had known that the sn lets the word "cool" go through (mind you: with "e" !!), I would not have "self-censored" so often in advance * g *

Answer 2 from Manuel

Oh man oh man, are you warming up "delicious camels":

... at night you listened to Radio Svobodna Europa on the window sill via the crystal detector

... long on the 1st (!) Philips cassette recorder - big, black, ugly - saved

... saw the opening broadcast of ZDF with the whole family

... dragged your belted books to school - barefoot and with hair over your shirt collar

... T-shirts weren't born, let alone prints - you wore buttons> Stop Strauss <

... you venerated the gyro compass of a greased starfighter as a relic

... Kingston Trio and Shadows gave you a shiver

... sneakers were made of rubber and were basically black

... the doors of your first car opened to the front (!)

... you know what emergency laws are and where the Big Apple is in Schwabing

... for the first "free flights" with the tram you paid 15 pfennigs and you were still allowed to smoke inside


But the word> cool
Greetings Manuel

Answer 3 from GerryG

Manuel, don't you go back a little further back in time than Thomas ....... ???
In principle, I remember the time with nostalgia, even if I don't want to be 15 or so again. The year of birth ´65 also has its charms .... ;-))))


Answer 4 from Manuel

@ GerryG: That depends on what you mean by "my generation":

> Since you can remember <
> Since you can think "sensibly" <
'Which memory you think is relevant'

Everyone starts somewhere else - despite possibly having the same year of birth ;-)
The priorities are probably what create the "consonance" - see here the SN ...

Greetings Manuel

Answer 5 from stocki


hach, I almost cry ... it's nice to indulge in the past (if you have one), memories come up - most of them are beautiful :-) and the others we push back very quickly :-(
I still know most of what MY TOM wrote, but I have the impression that I belong more to Manuel's generation - after all, I can only faintly remember the care packages from America.

greeting stocki

Answer 6 from Manuel

Hey Stocki,

Care packages or not (I grew up with American milk powder ...).
It is important to know where you are going - you can see it here in the SN:
Squeakies and old men are cooperatively united - "Our generation" (based on: THE WHO, 1965)

Greetings oldie Manuel

Answer 7 from Hans2

Hi Thomas,

the times were the best I've seen.

Nice that you reminded me of it.

Greetings Hans

Answer 8 from Kubi

Hello .

You spoke from my soul. Exactly my year and you can actually find a lot of what you experienced or thought back then.

It was nice, the time when Ms. Sommer was still selling the KÖNUNG and the HB male kept going up in the air. And how great was it when a film was shown on TV in 1975 with the following text: Repetition of 1968!
When a film is shown in the box for the first time today, it is titled FREE TV PREMIERE. It will then be repeated the next morning, then again later "at the request of the audience", in order then (because it was on TV three times) to be repeated as a CULT FILM.

I can still remember the first Rudi Carrells - Am Laufenden Band - where the Eurovision jingle always played before, and then the message: IN FARBE (unfortunately we still had B / W).

And on my red Mr.HIT record player from Quelle played from morning to evening: BTO - You aint see nothing yet.

My pants had a flare that would be called a tent today, and of course you wore boots with 10 centimeters heels alâ KISS.

They still used expressions like: clean instead of mega-cool, and they smoked secretly and did not ask the teacher about fire.

At the age of twelve I was still playing COWBOY & INDIANER with my "friends" and not philosophizing about the taste of condoms with my "buddies". But instead we played "turning bottles" with the girls at the parties to find out who had to / may kiss whom (with a bright red pear).

Later I actually had a VHS recorder with a cable remote control as a TOP loader. The first video stores were just showing up, and friends and I checked out all the Bruce Lee and Clint Eastwood films (of course, I also had the neon-colored Bruce Lee poster and black-light lamp over my bed).

Thanx for the memories, Kubi

PS: Yeah, I also had a BONANZA bike.

Answer 9 from MyTom

it doesn't matter whether it's the 50s or 60s, just wanted to remember the good old days, when ours is getting more and more hectic.
In this sense
Greetings to all
Your Thomas

Answer 10 from Svenja


The "brown bear" is back!

After having stopped production twice, it is now beginning its third triumphal march through the children's bellies.

I think it doesn't taste like it used to, but my son (5) doesn't care.


Answer 11 by har


Born in 66, I'm probably the youngest in this thread, but I can still vaguely remember some things :-))


Answer 12 from Marie

Answer 13 from Frauke

Hmmmmmmmm ....
Caramac is back too!
And the "Three Musketeers" are now called "Curly Wurly" taste almost as they used to, but there are no more pictures! :-)
I still have the roller skates in the basement - my daughter says they'll be back in fashion .....
The moths ate my parka, which is a pity :-(
This year we're doing a class reunion, the old photos have already been picked out and my children have laughed tears .....

Oh yeah

Answer 14 from FrankieH

Always thought these thoughts were the beginning of the midlife crisis for me. It doesn't seem that long ago to me - at least most of the time.

One important game was missing: Devender!
The first with smooth scrolling ...

We called the Bonanza bikes Chopper and there was no television.

On Sundays, people went shopping at Potchi (Portugieser). French fries were called chips and were wrapped in brown wrapping paper with vinegar and salt.

Buckling up was not in - also not possible because of missing belts.

Papa's car had the wheel on the right, but he drove on the left. (Is the "right" side, by the way - right-hand traffic is historically wrong).

The front bench was continuous and easily left space for 4 people.

As a replacement TV you drove to the drive-in (drive-in cinema), the children in pajamas on the back seats :-)

Sometimes there was a matinee performance of a German film with Heintje, Peter Krauss and / or Peter Alexander in the cinema on Saturdays.

With some things you wonder today that you participated enthusiastically ...


Answer 15 from elianna

Hello you,
what a nice thread! I can only sit there grinning and be happy and pull it in for the second time today.
I am apparently a bit older than most of the people here - I was allowed to drive the duck with the flowers myself! - but recognizes a lot, remembers it and is happy. And when I read your memories and come up with mine, I can only think how well we had it. Ask me if the kids think that today too.
I immediately had to think of my first PC experiences: At the end of the 70s, when I was fighting AGAINST computer workstations with the works council and the union, I am a little embarrassed today ;-), but was politically correct at the time, or when I was 81 with 2 friends I bought my first matrix printer (a kind of forerunner of the inkjet printer) for 2100 DM !!!!!!! And that as a student with maybe 800 DM a month. In order to call up the so-called writing program, my friend had given me 1 1/2 DIN A4 pages with commands that I had to enter exactly as the "program" would otherwise not start, in warm summer we had to put a fan in front of the PC. because otherwise it got too hot, a soldering iron lay on the desk for ages, etc., etc.
It was great and I don't want to complain anymore if my computer hangs up or has to wait until a program starts or the thing annoys me.
Thanks Thomas, I enjoyed your thread a lot
best regards, elianna

Answer 16 from Paulo

Madness this thread,

I must have sat here on this side for half an hour and fell into a trance. I just "woke up" again and have to say that it was just good for me.

MfG, Paulo

Answer 17 from SuperChrischi

I'm Bj 67 also know such great things. My 1st moped Hercules MKII ran well coiffed 110!
Heard the saga, celebrated at the village disco, then the Souds in Hamburg !!
Man until 6 o'clock in the morning.
Experienced so much - don't regret anything!
Super Theread !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Answer 18 from Turbo

Hello MyTom,
memories are awakened - it was a great time too! I like to think back on it!

Klaus (Turbo)

Answer 19 from MyTom

Yes, the good old days, you shouldn't forget them and I'm glad that it was good for you too. To bring you out of memory again.
Thanks to all of you for your answers
Greetings Thomas

Answer 20 from Zemmel

sniff ...

... my first car also had a full-length bench at the front.
And my first computer was a VC20 with 6.5 KB of RAM (had seriously considered buying this damn from Sinclair)

Hand me my cane - I want to go to bed.

Answer 21 from gresti

Who is the oldest then?

I am:
greetings peter

Answer 22 from Camillo


you still have the street sweeper "On the run" with Dr. Forget Kimble and the ultimate spaceship Orion.
The special effects were incomparable.


Answer 23 from har


Yes that was great.
Irons, pencil sharpeners, shower heads and all that stuff were on the control panel. :-)))
Really great for the conditions at the time :-))


Answer 24 from JoA

Hey tom

I was also very impressed by this post. The further I read, the more tears ran down my head, even though I wasn't exactly the year you're talking about and don't live in Germany.
It all comes back to me. Since I live in Switzerland, it is not that different, except that it was just 2 francs and 20 cents in the toy box.
Oh how it was a wonderful time back then! I like to think back on it and you made me very happy with your contribution. I'll print it out and hang it over my office desk so I can see it again and again when I meditate on my thoughts.
When the first moon landing was, I had been participating in international motorcycle races (motocross with a sidecar) for a long time.
I didn't have a beetle with flowers, but I actually had a BSA 650 in mint green and long hair before the Beatles, not because I would have liked it, no, because I prefer to spend the money for the hairdresser on my motorcycles and drinking beer with friends have.
But it's really good to read something like that, because I remember a time when people still knew decency and helped each other when someone was in need. It was no different in Germany either. Many German drivers helped me at the races in Germany to keep driving when spare parts or something were missing. Today there is no such thing.
Thank you very much THOM for this wonderful contribution!

Answer 25 from JoA

Above, Peter asks: he is the oldest! Dear Peter, it is not so important how old you are, but how you feel and whether you can and want to understand the younger and older people is very important. For example, I'm 55 years old now, but I have a lot of real friends who are much younger or much older than me. But what TOM wrote here also applies to my generation!
Have a nice day everyone!
Jo @

Answer 26 from Ravetti

is probably my year as well. I still remember ...

to Lake, Supertramp, Bob Seeger and the Silver Bullet Band,

at badminton games in a not parked street,

to "Grease" in the first version,

to Peter Bursch's guitar book, the first

Abba and Dancing Queen as 45s single,

to the relegation of Werder Bremen from the 1st division :-(

the Sunday driving ban due to the oil crisis etc ...

As time goes by,

but TODAY it's better.

Answer 27 from Schnoof

Well, I'm just born in 79, but I still know the TetraPaks in tetrahedron form. There was always such delicious chocolate milk in there, mmmmmmmmh ... That was a treat that my grandparents often brought back from Berlin (I'm out of the zone, there was milk and yoghurt only in bottles).

Until then

Answer 28 from Kampfgruppe

@Schnoof: That means GDR (German Democratic Republic) and not zone!

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