Are there really healthy relationships

Healthy relationships and self-love

What are the characteristics of healthy relationships? What can we do to live permanently in a happy and fulfilling partnership? And above all: How do we know whether we are living in a fulfilling relationship at all?

We would like to address these exciting questions in this article. In addition, you will receive several useful tips to help you build a relationship that makes you feel happy and fulfilled all around.

How to build a healthy relationship - 5 useful tips for everyday life

Healthy relationships are the key to a happy life. In order for you to succeed in this and to make you feel completely happy in your partnership, we would like to reveal 5 tips below to achieve a happy partnership.

Open communication

Open communication is essential for healthy relationships. Only the constant exchange of feelings and thoughts can bring the partnership to a deeper level. Of course, it is not always easy to express your deepest thoughts. Because every now and then it can be that your own thoughts disturb or offend your partner. But here, too, the motto applies: honesty before fear!

Unconditional trust

Unconditional trust is the foundation for healthy relationships. If this is not available, the relationship is on a dilapidated foundation. If there is no trust, jealousy creeps into the partnership. And jealousy is often the reason relationships become toxic, arguments arise, and love ultimately breaks.


You and your partner go through life together. You have common goals, wishes and dreams. You can only make this a reality if you pull together. You have to be a team that always sticks together. And that in both good and bad times. Because it is precisely the bad times in which you grow together and emerge stronger from the situation

Magical moments

Herbert Grönemeyer sang: "Standstill is death". This also applies to healthy relationships. Because when you rest on what you have, everyday life and thus boredom creeps into the relationship. That is why it is extremely important to take time for your partner and experience new things. Because a partnership is also an exciting adventure that you should embark on.

Sometimes you can argue

Couples often try to avoid an argument. But that is not always the right way to go. Sometimes an argument is just right. Because a dispute, provided it is constructive, can also help to clarify things that have been unspoken for ages. And for this reason it is important that you quarrel every now and then.

Am I in a healthy relationship? - 8 questions you should answer

Below you will find a total of 8 questions. These questions will help you determine if you are in a healthy relationship. If you answered less than 3 questions with an unequivocal "yes", you are living in a rather critical relationship.

  • Is my partner encouraging me to grow?
  • Do we share common goals for the future?
  • Do we have the same ideas about our relationship?
  • Can I be myself to my partner?
  • Will my partner accept me for who I am?
  • Is our relationship based on give and take?
  • Is my life better because my partner is there?
  • Does our time together have a deep meaning?

If you answered "no" to most of the articles, then your relationship is probably not looking very good. Even in such a case, you must not give up hope. In another article, by the way, we have prepared useful tips that you can use to save your relationship.

If you answered "yes" to most of the questions, consider yourself lucky. So that it stays that way and that you stay happy with your partner in the future, we have prepared many great tips for you in the following, with which you can maintain the happiness of love over the long term.

How to maintain healthy relationships - 4 tips from Tobias Beck

Experience new things together

Can relationships be compared to a telephone contract? Tobias Beck has come up with his very own theory: “At the beginning it's like acquiring new customers. But the problem with many relationships is that at some point they turn into existing customer care. That is totally sad, because then people stop doing the things that they did for the other in the beginning. "

The reason for this is the so-called cuddle hormone oxytocin. Tobias Beck: “When you get to know someone, your whole body is flooded with it. But after exactly seven years something happens in the relationship. After seven years, this oxytocin level drops to zero. ”So the darned seventh year in which most marriages end in divorce can actually be traced back to biochemical processes in the body.

But why is that so? Tobias Beck appreciates that after this time people stop doing joint activities with their partner. He also has a hot tip ready: “My wife Rita and I go to the airport every year and take the fourth flight from above. This is our ritual. You can be really lucky: two years ago we were in Kuala Lumpur - four days backpacking in Malaysia. Well, last year we were in Münster / Osnabrück. You really have to love yourself to survive four days! ". So humor can't do any harm in healthy relationships either.

Men and women are different

Have you also noticed the serious differences between men and women? Better said between the male and female brain? Tobias Beck: “There is one thing that is absolutely fascinating: men and women are really different. When a stimulus hits the male brain, it is processed in a very specific way. Men have so-called boxes for each topic. This is where the stimuli are processed, for example football and cars. "

So there is a box for everything - even for nothing. Tobias Beck: “I put it funny, of course, but it's true: men have a nothing box in their brain. Google that! If you sharpen a contrast medium on a man and do an imaging test with him, for example an MRI, you will see that certain areas of the brain flash. And if you show the man something, for example a bee, that says nothing for him, then the nothing box flashes. Sometimes men just don't think anything! "

Now imagine the same procedure with the female brain. Tobias Beck: “The woman is injected with a contrast medium and shown a picture, for example of a bee. And what is she doing? It connects everything with everything! Point. Remember: men like to go into the nothing box and women connect everything with everything. ”And what does this knowledge bring us? It helps to understand that sometimes your partner ticks completely differently than you do. The appeal is: understand this and look at the whole thing with a sense of humor!

Plus-plus relationships

But there is another point that is important for healthy relationships. Tobias Beck: “One thing strikes me again and again - both with young people who form start-ups together and with older people who have been together for a long time. And there are healthy combinations, if both sides give. ”An example: You are self-employed and have carried out an order for your customer. The customer is happy and pays on time. Tobias Beck: “Money is nothing other than energy. And in this case it is a so-called plus-plus relationship. Both are happy. "

Unfortunately, there are also a lot of people who live in unhealthy relationships, for example plus-minus relationships. Tobias Beck: “One gives all the time and the other takes. That can't go well in the long run. ”He describes an example from the world of work:“ You give and your employer only takes all the time. This is one of the reasons why so many young people don't feel like working for companies where someone from above preaches to them how to behave. Young people don't want that - it's an unhealthy relationship. "

Finally, there are of course the minus-minus relationships, from which ultimately nobody benefits. Tobias Beck recommends simply going through your professional and private contacts and paying close attention to which relationships are good for you and which are not. Because if there is one secret of success for a successful LIFEcoach, it is this: Get involved in the right relationships!

Self-love as the basis for relationships

"When my wife Rita and I met, we decided to work on our love." Tobias Beck is sure that relationships are hard work and just as exhausting as many other things in life. Therefore, you have to work actively on it. Would you like another tip? Tobias Beck: “Love is like a journey in the bus of life. Sometimes people sit next to you and you realize that you don't have the same goal. I wish that you have someone by your side, next to whom you would still like to sit on the park bench at the age of 80. "

But there is one person with whom you must first make peace: with yourself! Tobias Beck recommends going on a little journey with the help of meditation: “To a person who lives deep within you. This is a little boy or little girl who has longed for a person for years. After you! For some people, this awareness may be a bit overwhelmed with self-doubt or things that they have talked into themselves over the years. But everyone should definitely try the exercise! "

Tobias Beck firmly believes that the next step in our society is to change something together in love: “That we become the problem solvers that we want so much in other people. That we stop pointing the finger at others and do things in love for others and give them back. "Finally, he has an important appeal:" Since everything begins with love and everything in this world ends with love, I have two requests: take care of your children. And take care of your parents. Many Thanks!"

Conclusion: Healthy relationships improve your happiness in life in the long term

In this article you learned what makes a healthy relationship, how you can work on the happiness of your love, and what you can do if the house blessing goes wrong.

Before we succeed however happiness in love, we need a clear vision for ourselves. We have to know where our journey is going and what we really want. Only then can we find happiness in love.

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