How can books change a person's life?

You get depth instead of tips.

If you think something is wrong in your life because of you Meaning of life lost, it's time to change it. The suggestions from these 15 books can help you with this.

It's no secret that a good book is not only interesting to read, but can also change your life. And when you've noticed you're with your Meaning of life are dissatisfied, it might be better to change something.

Get started with this list of 15 books that will open new horizons for you!


1. Search Inside Yourself:
The slightly different happiness coaching from Chade-Meng Tan

Everyone is talking about meditation and its effects on the human soul and body. Nevertheless, many Germans view meditation with skepticism. If you belong in this category too, just read this book!

It is interesting that it was not written by an Indian yogi, but by a former employee of Google. He believes that meditation can increase social intelligence, which is very important in interpersonal relationships.

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2. The alphabet of thought
by Stefanie Schramm and Claudia Wüstenhagen

In this book, the authors explain the influence of language on people's feelings and thoughts.
Here you can find out which sounds can change our mood and which metaphors have the power to influence our attitudes.

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3. The happiness project
by Alexandra Reinwarth

Everyone wants to be happy. It is therefore no wonder that many books are devoted to this subject. If you have already read many of them but are still dissatisfied, it is time to read A. Reinwarth's “Das Glücksprojekt”.

Instead of dogmatic advice, there is a lot of humor and really effective tips on how to be happy.

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4. 4-hour week
by Tim Ferriss

This book is a lucky find for those looking for work-life balance. Despite the title of the work, this is not about how to only work 4 hours a week, but about how to get more time for yourself.

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5. A brief history of time
by Stephen Hawking

The origin of time is an exciting topic that interests many people. Is space really infinite? It is really difficult to give a correct answer for everyone to understand. But the legendary scientist Stephen Hawking succeeded!

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6. Siddhartha
by Hermann Hesse

This work by Hermann Hesse is about a young man who wants to free himself from outside control and tries to find his own meaning in life. This book can motivate and inspire you when you are going through a difficult time.

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7. The art of being free
by Tom Hodgkinson

Many people believe that real freedom can only be achieved with money. In reality this is not true. And in this book you will find an alternative way to become free and improve your own life.

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8. The art of living differently
by Chris Guillebeau

How can one maintain a positive attitude towards life despite all difficulties?
Chris Guillebeau reports on this in his book "The Art of Living Different". Here you will find many useful tips to help you make dreams come true.

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9. Become a life artist!
by Karl Allmer

Despite the somewhat banal title, this work by Karl Allmer helped many people to find themselves. If you don't know what to read in your spare time, we recommend this book with a light heart!

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10. Philosophy of the art of living:
A foundation by Wilhelm Schmid

In the book Philosophy and Art of Living you will find a collection of theses about the meaning of life. Based on the works of Epictetus, Aristotle and Epicurus, the book is an excellent source of inspiration for those who want to find the answers to the most important questions.

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11. Tao te king: the book of meaning and life
from Laotse

This book will please not only admirers of oriental philosophy but also many other people. This is a treasure trove of knowledge that will not leave anyone indifferent.

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12. To live from lust
of Epicurus

The Greek philosopher Epicurus does not understand the word "pleasure" in a hedonistic sense, but as a state of natural calm.

If you also long for peace and quiet and want to learn more about fear of death and a happy life, this book is ideal for you!

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13. How to read a book
by Mortimer Adler

If you want to master the art of reading books properly, we recommend this work by M. Adler. Thanks to this philosophical work, you can understand books better.


14. Momo from Michael Ende

The novel Momo is about a poor girl who tries to save the world of "gray men".
This book teaches you to live here and now instead of saving time.

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15. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
by Caitlin Doughty

The work in the crematorium inspired Caitlin Doughty to write this work.
It is about death as an indispensable part of existence.
This book will help you overcome fear of death and understand real immortality.

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So if you want to enrich your life with new knowledge, I recommend that you read one or more of these 15 books!

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