How long can a person ejaculate

How long does a man need before he can again?

Overview: erotic advice

It could hardly be worse: the number is through in a few minutes, then he rolls to the side tired and apparently satisfied with his "performance" - and that's it? Nightmare! A good lover not only makes sure that his loved one is having fun too, he can also do it several times in a row. He needs a little rest, but that's not impossible - how can we tell you how long it takes a man to be ready for the second round!

How does the man's climax work?

A second round is also possible after a break.

Men are tired and satisfied after ejaculation. It can be normal for even the best lover in the world to go after that falls asleep briefly. Nevertheless, at the latest after the man's first climax, the wheat is separated from the chaff, because this mechanism does not mean that every man will several times in a row can. Tip: if he gets tired after his first climax, he needs at least a few minutes to rest. If he falls asleep while doing this, that's fine too. Rest for about 5-10 minutes should be there, but if you think about your skills as a lover, you will be awake again afterwards - and recovered!

Are younger people steadfast again sooner?

Young men in particular should enjoy their youth to the fullest, because if someone can do it several times in a row, it is them. Nevertheless, it is also true of the younger lovers that they are good after a climax 10 minutes break need until they can steadfastly go back to the start. But as long as a young man is fit and healthy, nothing speaks against the loving touch of his partner leading to a reaction of his best piece. Men who also have that 30 years addition very up Fitness and health pay attention, can sometimes bring this physical peak performance even on good days. If he's stressed, however, then it's more likely to stay one time.

What does biology say?

With younger men, the best piece is available again sooner.

A man is considered biologically not made to have multiple orgasms in a row. He's supposed to reproduce when he's having sex, and ejaculation is enough - either it works or it doesn't. In the first ejaculation the amount of sperm is in the individual average, but it is still the highest of all ejaculations. If he has sex again afterwards, she drops Ejaculation less off and he can even get one dry orgasm have - an orgasm in which no ejaculate is released. The man should know this, however, because if he is not prepared for it, he can unfamiliar affect him. It will still feel good (and some men even claim that dry orgasms are still more intense than normal).

Several times in a row: Practice makes perfect

A good lover has not yet fallen from heaven. Who one love hungry lady in bed will have to practiceto be able to several times in a row. Often, especially at the beginning of a relationship, it almost goes by itself, because then both are after a long period of abstinence starved and the man has reserves. If he knows she's not satisfied all of a sudden, he should try not to over-exert herself the first time. This way he spares his physical reserves and with the minimum break of 10 minutes you may already reach your destination. If it degenerates into competitive sport, the break must be correspondingly longer. But with all the exercise, that helps too Stimulation by the partnerto be able to stand his ground two or more times in a row. Because if she obviously still feels like it and the break in between was long enough, that can be done Work miracles...


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