Why do people eat black bread

How healthy is bread?

The good is in the shell

If you want to pay attention to balance, you should primarily eat whole grain bread. It can be recognized by its gray-brown color. If it is a regular part of meals together with other grain products, fruits and vegetables, it is an important cornerstone of a healthy diet.

Most bread in Germany is made from wheat or rye. Nevertheless, the bread offer now seems to have become almost unmanageable, which is due, among other things, to different mixing ratios of the grain.

Nevertheless, a distinction is made between the following types: wholemeal bread, multigrain bread, wheat bread and mixed bread. At least 90 percent of this wholemeal bread is made from flour that still contains all the components of the grain.

Whole grain bread is correspondingly darker depending on whether whole grains or coarsely ground cereals have been added to the flour. How healthy bread is depends on the flour it is made from.

A rule of thumb is: the darker the flour, the more whole grain it contains. The more full grains, the more vitamins, minerals and fiber the bread contains and is therefore healthier.

These important nutrients are increasingly found in the outer layers of the grain. On the other hand, inside, in the endosperm, mainly protein and starch are stored, which make up 83 percent.

If the flour is completely white, it consists exclusively of the endosperm of the grains. The outer layers were sifted out during grinding. Whole wheat flour still contains these and therefore the valuable ingredients.

Bread keeps you full for a long time

Bread is high in carbohydrates. They are wrongly misunderstood as fattening foods, because they are long-chain in whole grain bread. This means that the stomach processes them very slowly. The blood sugar level rises only a little. So little insulin is released, whereas fat burning gets going.

The fiber contained in bread in particular makes it a very healthy food. These are the indigestible carbohydrates. They swell up in the stomach and ensure a long-lasting feeling of satiety. Cravings do not arise in the first place.

Regular consumption of whole grain bread can even prevent colon cancer, say nutritionists.

It does some harm

Despite all its valuable ingredients, bread is not digestible for everyone. This includes, for example, people who suffer from celiac disease or sprue. They do not tolerate the gluten in bread, which is called gluten.

It is mainly found in the seeds of wheat, rye, barley and oats.

A healthy digestive system has no problems with it. However, patients with gluten intolerance are very sensitive. You cannot tolerate this substance because it destroys the intestinal villi in the lining of your small intestine.

This means that the body can no longer absorb certain nutrients. However, if gluten is not consumed for a long time, according to scientists, it is possible that the intestinal mucosa will recover.

However, celical is not curable. As soon as gluten gets into the body again, the symptoms start all over again - often even more violently than before. Therefore, doctors advise people with a gluten intolerance to permanently avoid foods containing gluten.