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Manage my booking

Where can I cancel or change my booking?

Can I change or cancel my booking myself?

Naturally. You can easily process your booking here. After every change you will receive a new booking confirmation by email. You can adjust the following booking components:

Telephone number: Change free of charge.

Passenger names: Change free of charge.

Additional luggage: You can find more information about the fee here.

If your trip is more expensive at the time of the change than when you booked, the change will result in a price difference. You can cancel the entire booking or just part of your trip. The fees will be displayed to you during the cancellation process. After you have selected the trip you want, it is important to confirm your selection. In the last step, enter your email address and you will receive your voucher. There are different fees for cancellation per trip and passenger. The amount of the fee depends on the planned departure date and how many days before departure you want to cancel your booking. You can find the fees here.

Can I cancel my ticket in the FlixBus app?

Of course, and this is how it works:

• Go to My Tickets in the menu bar at the bottom of the FlixBus app

• Select Coming (Rides) above

• Click on the trip you want to edit

• Select Rebook

• Just go to the ride in your FlixBus app and follow the instructions

Can I rebook my booking myself?

You can rebook your booking yourself. Rebooking at FlixBus means canceling an old trip and booking a new trip!

This is how you do it:

• Check whether the new connection you want is still available.

• Cancel the desired trip for a voucher. You will receive this by email.

• Book a new trip and use the voucher. You will receive a new booking confirmation with a new booking number. If your new trip is a little more expensive than the old one, you simply pay the difference.

What if I accidentally made a mistake while booking?

If you notice after booking that you made a mistake, you can make changes free of charge within the first 60 minutes. Trips that have already been rebooked are excluded from this rule.

I can't log in to the cancellation page, what should I do?

Pay attention to the spelling in the registration field. You enter your booking number without ‘#‘ and the spelling of your email address or your name should be exactly the same as in your booking.

I haven't received a voucher, why?

Obviously something went wrong when canceling. Log in here again and see if you have completed the cancellation.

How can I cancel my ticket for a bus that is delayed?

If your bus is delayed by 120 minutes or more, simply contact our customer service who will be happy to help you.

I was automatically rebooked to another trip and cannot cancel, what should I do?

Contact our customer service or write to us on Facebook so that we can find another alternative for you.